Border of Turkey with Russia, Syria, Greece and other neighboring states, popular

Published: 17.12.2018
border of Turkey with Russia, Syria, Greece and other neighboring states

It is possible to cross borders of Turkey from 11 countries, from six it is possible to reach, from eight to reach also from ten & #8212; to reach. It is better to study in advance how it is the best of all to get to the country of four seas.

Border of Turkey and Greece for tourists & #8212; the sea, overland border is much more expensive to crossing. It is the most convenient to reach by the ferry. It is possible to make it of Rhodes (maritime routes to Marmaris, the Braid & #8212; to Bodrum, Samos & #8212; Kushadasa, Chios & #8212; To Cheshma, Lesbos & #8212; in Ayvalyk). The way takes with the ferry a couple of hours and will manage in the sum about 20 dollars. It is possible to reach by plane, there and back flight costs Athens-Istanbul around 180-250 euro. And it is possible to leave Thessaloniki by train or by bus.

And here from the countries of the Middle East it is better not to go here: the operating conflicts have an effect. It is the best of all to get to the country from Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azeybarzhan, Cyprus. If you plan rest in other country, on a tour to Turkey you need the 2-fold visa to the main country.

The Iranian visa should be made in advance. That from Iran to get to Turkey, 8-9 hours are required (from the capital of Iran of Tehran to border). It is also possible to reach, it will be safer and to cost about 180 dollars. The cost of the ticket for the bus will be from 50 dollars

Often, having a rest in one country, tourists want to visit at the same time and another. It is possible to cross border of Turkey and Bulgaria by plane, the car, bus and train. In the tourist cities of the countries excursions to the state neighbor to different taste and a purse, on average from 50 to 100 euros for the adult and to 50 on the child are offered. With children it is better to drive the car, it is possible and by train (the ticket about 20 euros from Bulgaria), but by the car it is possible to visit any sights what it will want.

Turkey has 4 border crossing points with Iraq. Nevertheless, advise to go only by plane owing to an intense political situation.

Generally buses go on the road Tabriz & #8212; Wang. The most part of buses goes at night that in the morning passengers were already on the place. Owing to a nespokoynost of border of Iran it is better not to cross it the car.

On suppression of border about 40 minutes, at most & #8212 will leave; hour. Will look through baggage and will check documents. Esteem that cannot be carried from the country to the country that it was not necessary to throw out something. On condition of suppression on the car the passport and the registration certificate is necessary. On others car & #8212; the green card and the power of attorney translated and legalized in the Turkish consulate (it is better to legalize, but some tourists at forums claim that it is possible to do also without it). Also the photocopy of the power of attorney is required.

Wishing to carry out trip abroad to Turkey, it is necessary to be defined first of all that there is a wish to look, and then already to get on the plane, the car, the train or the ferry. Different corners of the country differ in quantity of sights and tourist infrastructure. Where there is an access to the sea, it is easy to get to the country, and here in mountain regions it is difficult to move & #8212; time for the road leaves much and a difficult way. With the visa now problems will not arise, Turkey allowed Ukrainians entrance by the internal passport (ID card).

The border with Armenia is closed owing to the bad relations between the countries long ago, crossing of border is impossible. Periodically the countries begin to announce allegedly fast opening of borders, but still it did not occur yet.

The border of Turkey and Syria, of course, is open, but extremely do not advise tourists it to cross because of the increased danger in the person of terrorist groups of Talibs. If desire to get to Syria hugely, then for the tourist acceptable option & #8212; only the plane.

Turkey borders:

From Cyprus, from the city of Kireniya in Tashudzhu the boat floats, it passes a way in 2 hours. From Tashudzhu go to Silifke, here almost all bus routes conduct to Adana and Mersin.

The visa when crossing border of Turkey will cost around 15-30 euro for residents of those countries who with Turkey have no visa-free agreement. For citizens of Russia the visa to Turkey is not necessary.

If you have a mark in the passport that you were in Israel, it is better not to go to Iraq.

Regular maritime routes conduct from Turkey and to Northern Cyprus (Alania & #8212; Kireniya, Tashudzhu & #8212; Kireniya, Mersin & #8212; Magas). The average sum of the ticket from Cyprus & #8212; from $35 to $45 (only there). The cheapest ferries go to Cyprus from Tashudzhu, expensive & #8212; from Alania.

Routes from Azerbaijan:

The cheapest way to arrive from Batumi to Turkey & #8212; by city bus No. 10 which goes to the Turkish border for 1 lari ($0,60), further it is necessary to cross border on foot and to buy the ticket in the minibus to Hopa for 4 liras ($2,5). From Hopy any bus will carry across Turkey. Ways to Trabzon, Wang, Erzurum, Diyarbakir lie most often from Batumi, this city is located in only several kilometers from Turkey. It is possible to choose a route from Poti and Tbilisi.

The Azerbaijani-Turkish border passes along the Araks River and is located in the northwest of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. If suddenly the tourist wants to get to Turkey then there is only 1 boundary transition from there. It is possible to reach from Baku to Turkey in 1 day, the special train and a railway track goes in itself it is very developed.

Boundary transitions between the countries:

To get to Georgia from Russia, the visa is not necessary. For this reason it is possible to get to Georgia from Russia, and from there already to the nearby countries & #8212; Turkey and Cyprus, Greece and Bulgaria. It is possible to reach also Iran. Thus, having left Russia, it is possible to make a tour across these countries.

Most often from Georgia to Turkey go to an excursion. Also transit to Turkey through Georgia is popular. It is the most convenient to make it by bus or the car. The prices of buses can fluctuate from 30 to 90 euros: everything depends on that how far you should leave. It is better to leave the large cities of Georgia & #8212; Batumi and Tbilisi. If to go to Hopa or Trabzon, the bus costs 7 and 15 dollars. An excursion tour will cost about 50 dollars.

It is necessary to have 2-fold visas to entrance through border of Bulgaria, the visa will be repaid at entry into Turkey. Therefore it is convenient to visit other country at the end of the holiday, and from there already & #8212; home. Lease of the car there and back from Bulgaria will cost about 500 lions.

If to go by car, it is necessary to buy an insurance on border with Turkey & #8212; about 20-30 euros. Time for a way & #8212; about 12 hours. From Baku to border with Turkey of 1000 km, from border to Istanbul & #8212; 1300 km. In Turkey there are paid roads. To go there it is free, it is necessary to buy RFID sticker on the paid road. Its price is 50 liras.

If the excursion by car across Georgia and Turkey is planned, it is necessary to go in the ways along the sea, otherwise it is possible to get on mountain roads. There cold, expensively, the civilization is practically absent also very low speed of movement.

On the road from 4 to 9 hours are required generally. The visa it is better to make houses not to spend time on the place and if it is issued in tour agency, then on border only the voucher for its crossing is required.

The plane from Baku to Turkey will cost from 3500 to 16 thousand rubles without collecting and payments (only there). During week-end the figure flies up up to 50 thousand rubles

To stop border of Turkey, the international passport, the rights, the registration certificate on the car is required. If not your car, the power of attorney made in English, certified by the notary is necessary. Journey through customs in Georgia instant, admissions round the clock work, but if there is no visa to Turkey, it will be necessary to pay 30 dollars. There are such boundary transitions:

From Russia ferries go: from Sochi in the summer the boat constantly goes to Trabzon, on the road about 4-5 hours leave. From the city of Ilyichevsk near Odessa in Ukraine the boat goes to Istanbul, on the road 2 days, the cost of the ticket very big leave.

Trabzon & #8212; not tourist city, is better to go further from there. And here if to go to Istanbul, then 1 of the return ferries will take away back to Ukraine. Also from Ukraine ferries from Odessa go to Istanbul and from Skadovsk to Samsun. It is better to choose nevertheless the plane as the vehicle from these countries to Turkey.


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