Secrets: whether the visa to Brazil in 2019 is necessary to Belarusians

Published: 21.12.2018
whether the visa to Brazil in 2019 is necessary to Belarusians

The visa to Brazil is not necessary to Belarusians. In 2019 conditions of obtaining the document were significantly simplified.

the Document confirming existence of housing in the territory of Brazil: hotel booking, contract on hiring of the apartment or house, etc. The copy of the birth certificate of the child (if children go to a travel). The document, confirming your financial solvency. The extract from the bank account, the credit card, the traveler's check can be such document.

You watch video: obtaining Brazilian visa.

Pay attention to video: the countries where Belarusians can go without visa.

Whether all tourists need the visa to Brazil? Without visa in the country for 3 months can be:

The citizens of Belarus entering the list given above for entry into Brazil require only existence of the international passport, return ticket to the country and money for accommodation. The minimum sum of expenses which the person in 1 day is able to afford should not be less than 70 dollars.

The multi-visa is necessary for the persons planning to be in Brazil more than 90 days. At the same time the purpose of visit does not matter at all: long travel, work, marriage with the citizen of Brazil.

Besides, the trip has to be short-term (that is confirmed by date of the return ticket). Related documents have to be as it should be as in the absence of at least one of demanded or in case of mistakes in them visit of the country should be postponed.

It is necessary to provide the following package of documents for execution of the Brazilian visa:

Tickets (the ticket in the opposite direction too has to be present). The personal invitation certified by the notary of Brazil, the invitation from the Brazilian travel agency or the voucher tourist. Usually the service of visa support (Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian) does this document independently. If documents are filed not by the person, but the third party, it is necessary to provide the notarized power of attorney. The completed questionnaire on obtaining the Brazilian visa.

It is possible to download the questionnaire at the link.

It was possible to get the entry visa to this picturesque country only in Embassies of Brazil earlier what required visit of such capitals as Moscow or Minsk. Today the visa can be received directly at the airport of Brazil.

However at the same time it is worth to remember that each purpose demands different types of visas.

Persons who want to visit freely the solar country without visa should not pursue the material aims.

According to a purpose of visit for obtaining the multi-visa, except the international passport, the air ticket in the opposite direction and guarantees of financial prosperity, it is necessary to provide:

In those cases if Brazil is visited by the person who pursues the employment aim in the country, moves for the permanent residence or more than 3 months will stay in the country, it is necessary to issue the visa. If the person has no time it to be engaged most, it is possible to use services of travel companies which for the established payment will make the visa independently.

We advise to watch video about employment in Brazil.

If the trip to Brazil is connected with employment, the working visa is necessary. Citizens of Belarus need to provide the official invitation from the employer for receiving a working visa. The second important condition: the enterprise at which the person submitting documents for receiving a working visa is going to work has to support not less than 2/3 Brazilians in the state. The third condition: the employer has to provide proofs that there are no suitable and free experts with citizenship of Brazil in the city. It is connected with the fact that, as well as any other country, Brazil first of all tries to provide employment to the citizens.


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