Do to people pleasant Steve of a peacock, a novelty

Published: 21.4.2018
do to people pleasant Steve of a peacock

The simplest way to make is happier and richer the social life - to make some efforts and to make surrounding something pleasant.

It studied

what things are pleasant to me and does them regularly.

Whether it will reach the same effect if for two hours a day practices yoga to be in good physical shape? Whether matters what traffic she is able to attract on the website? Whether color of her skin is important to me? All these things mean nothing to me. If it does to me pleasant, it automatically begins to be pleasant to me.

I do it pleasant things too. I know that I am pleasant and try to do it it whenever possible more often.

It can try to make an impression and in a different way. For example, to tell me about the education and professional achievements. Can tell me of the former boyfriends and volume as they idolized her. She can brag of ten years' practice of yoga.

If any woman wants to be pleasant to me, everything that it is necessary for her, it to ask a question: "I can make to you something pleasant right now?" Let's assume, I will answer: "Of course, I would not refuse good massage of the head". She will nod, and will begin to mass to me the head. It will become pleasant to me, and I will be grateful to it for these feelings. Its appeal in my opinion will automatically rise.

Most likely, it will manage to impress me. I will think: "Wow Е this woman strongly costs on the legs".

She smiles to me. She gives me the love. She travels together with me. She plays the games offered by me. She gently embraces me. She cooks to me surprisingly tasty vegansky food.

Then I will wish it good luck and I will change for a table to the woman who is able to do good massage of the head Е or to that which tells ridiculous stories which amuse me Е or to that which loves strong embraces.

Why I so strongly love the girl? The answer is simple. It does to me pleasantly.

Many people mistakenly believe that at first they have to achieve in something considerable progress, put the body in order, to become the outstanding personality, etc., and only then they will acquire the right to get the relations with people around. In fact it not so. Similar thoughts rivet your attention on themselves, and you become isolated on own uncertainty. You will never feel completely ready. You will think out many new objective reasons justifying postponement of the readiness. Your purpose will always be from you at distance of half a year of hard work.


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