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Published: 21.5.2019
mentality of the person

The mentality of the person is the phenomenon which does a piece of flesh - the person. Animating our physical body, the mentality fills lifeless matter with conscious processes, one of which is our mind. In this article it will be a question of lameness of our human mind, of the reasons of our inferiority complexes and diffidence, of what forces us to go to the mats and to prove own case and also about what holds us in a comfort zone in fear of changes. All this will be considered through a prism of some sides of our mentality. In this sense - it is one more article about structure of consciousness and exposure of illusions.

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When writing this article some ideas of the writer, Luke Reynkhard were used.

Continuation: Self-assessment, correctness, self-affirmation, authority

In the course of such natural selection, the main function of mind is survival of the individual and his adaptation to life. That is, in principle, the mind for the individual is a peculiar instrument of effective survival and devices. Simply speaking, a main objective of mind - care of the person. That is ideally, the person is a complete structure which separate "mechanisms" support this structure and develop. But all "trouble" is in what so does not occur. It is more than enough of examples of self-extermination of human individuals. Why the person stuffs the body with poisonous food, tobacco and alcohol? Why the healthy lifestyle replaces "sedentary" at "screens"? Why people launch wars and the conflicts? Everything is simple. Instead of caring for the individual, the mind of the individual cares for itself. And in that case, perhaps, it would be more correct to speak, not "mind of the person", and "the person of mind", in the same sense as, for example, "the owner's thing" sounds, or "the owner's pet". We are pets of the minds.

The egoism is an active work of mind on strengthening of the positions. The feeling of own importance is a fear of mind to undergo irreversible changes, to lose support on which the ego which for this reason the mind tries to strengthen and glorify keeps. Self-affirmation & #8212; this protrusion by mind of the qualities to be approved in their viability. Arrogance - a way of mind to confirm to itself that he is alive and prospers. This "life" and prosperity & #8212; extraction of old thoughts from the past on a surface as correct and appropriate is simple. The mind at the same time kind of feels that it "proceeds", lives and flourishes. He feels durable, successful, correct and appropriate. He at the same time is quiet since natural selection did not touch it. - it is allowed to it to be.

This vicious circle of an ego arises owing to identification of mind with itself. It & #8212; a peculiar positive feedback, like that that begins when we bring the microphone to columns. Noise from columns is transferred to the microphone and then - "back" to columns. So, walking around, it continuously amplifies, being transformed to high-frequency peep. The human ego is a high-frequency thought "I". In the childhood, usually at the age of about two years, this thought at the child arises instantly and keeps, as a rule, until the end of life. To this age the child perceives himself "kind from outside" and speaks about himself in the third party. And when parents speak with the child about it, he perceives subject to their discussion as third-party. But at some point the mind of the child, suddenly begins to understand about whom there was a speech all this time, and in a flash the little person has an ego - a thought & #8212; "I".

In a dispute the mind proves not the truth, but the resilience, correctness and relevance at all. Positions of mind are parts of his "body". In a dispute the mind just tries to survive. Even if the mind is defective, to recognize the lameness for it & #8212; equivalently to suicide. The mind is eager for consent and takes any positions for the gospel since they - are "truth" for his resilience. "Accord" of close people - deep mutual strengthening of own positions of their minds. If your mind likes this article - it is just next support of mind which gets out on a surface to become famous in the resilience which this text justifies. If article subjects to threat any important support of mind, the mind in every way will begin to be protected, including misunderstanding and disapproval, up to irritation and rage. And it is absolutely normal, natural process. Any outlook, in this sense - the palace consisting of subjective, temporary, illusory supports. To convince the materialist, for example, that there is life after body death - equivalently to threat of punishment of his personality which in many respects is based just on his materialistic outlook. The mind likes everything that allows it to keep the support. The mind is eager for consent and approval to keep the illusions. It is simple to read and be glad to "new" knowledge - the next strengthening of these illusions. And it is absolutely normal, natural process.

The mind is the interconnected reflections of life in consciousness "mirror". Of course is a conditional definition. In the same way it is possible to tell that the mind is thoughts, and thoughts are prints of the events, peculiar records about the life which is made with us. These reflections of life in itself are depersonalized. But passing the interconnected train through our consciousness, they generate the identity of the individual who participates in his vital events. The individual is an individual who has consciousness. Thanks to existence of consciousness the individual distinguishes herself from other individuals. In this offer a keyword of. Whom is the individual having consciousness? Identity - what the person of identifies with. And if identification of an individual extended to everything that she feels, the person would have no such strange psychological divisions at which his mind - runs the show. The main objective of mind - care of the individual, but since the individual identifies himself intelligently, mind in this situation begins to care for itself. Owing to this concern in in mind the ego arises. "I", "me", "mine": do you feel, than smells?

Mentality of the person: self-affirmation

Many know from a school bench about the fascinating theory of natural selection. Natural selection is a process of survival and adaptation to life of the most capable individuals to this business. It is possible to tell that natural selection is a law which says that the strongest survives. And if to look at the person as on a biological form which functions in the nature on an equal basis with other organisms and the natural phenomena the human mind is the main factor of that success which the person achieved in the "natural" selection, having become in the head of a food chain. At the same time - it is absolutely normal that within this process, in the environment of the person such ways of adaptation and adaptation to an environment appeared as reinforced concrete megalopolises, mechanical engineering, power, television, the Internet, etc. All this is just factors of our success in natural selection of the nature. All this dusty technogenic life - the natural environment of our dwelling. And the reason of this "superiority" - our precious mind.

To be right & #8212; such desire, habitual for each person, - only thirst of mind to remain untouched, to hang forever in current state, without being exposed to any changes, scrolling the same thoughts. At the same time the mind will deceive itself to self-forgetfulness, throwing up itself thoughts of personal development and self-knowledge. The mind by the nature is not interested to change. Usually it does it forcedly, under pressure of circumstances, giving exactly so much how many it is necessary, at the same time in every way clinging to intermediate zones of comfort to hand over as little as possible positions. But if somewhere the mind underwent changes which strengthened it in new, more advanced support for the ego, it can inspire in itself(himself) that he loves changes. Motivation - a mind thought of further prosperity, development and strengthening on the positions of its ego.

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Mentality of the person: natural selection

From here also thirst grows to be favourite. We are eager to be pleasant to others that the mind which does not know itself(himself), was convinced on a reality response that it - is approved in its current state. It will not be destroyed a dispute, negative reaction, censure, condemnation, etc. Sometimes, "to survive", the mind makes improbable, and at times and mad things. To survive the body can ruin mind, and can strengthen it. Depends on that how strong support for mind, is the concept of a body. If, for example, the concept of own steepness for mind is more powerful, for the sake of her preservation the mind is ready to risk health of a body. If the concept of a sound body is a powerful support of mind, the person begins to care for the health. A subject of similar illusions on - one of main.

Mentality of the person: identification

An ego - a part of mind which cares for itself, continuously reviving thanks to this "care". A problem of mind - survival of the owner. But when owner & #8212; mind, & #8212; he cares for himself. What is our mind? The mind is concepts and when the mind cares for itself, he cares for survival of concepts of which it consists. Instead of helping the person to adapt with the environment, he uses the person to help itself to adapt and survive with the zone of comfort. The mind does everything to remain invariable. It is even ready to attend to the personal growth and self-development if it helps to create more favorable conditions for own inviolability.


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