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Published: 19.5.2019
salad with peas tinned

Peas - the low-calorie proteinaceous product irreplaceable in healthy food. At preservation practically does not lose useful properties. Winter green tinned peas salads - a great way to diversify a diet with tasty and useful dishes.

Festive Heartbreaker salad Ingredients

Recipes of simple salads with tinned peas were pleasant? Then surely share with friends!

Boil carrots, cool, cut straws. Also cut sausage and a cucumber. Mix with greens, peas and dress with mayonnaise.

Cut a cucumber, prunes and ham straws. Mix with peas, greens, salt and dress with mayonnaise.

150 g of ham silt boiled kolbasy60 chernosliva2 ogurtsa100 tinned goroshka3 tablespoon mayonezasvezhy greens, salt to taste

Grate carrots and cheese. Add the eggs cut in cubes and peas. Fill with sour cream, mustard, garlic and soy sauce sauce.

Champs Elysйe salad Ingredients

With ham and chernoslivomingrediyenta

Boil eggs and potatoes, cool and grate. Cut heart on pieces and pickle in soy sauce for 30 minutes. Later fry on vegetable oil within 5-10 minutes, add 50 ml of water and ink on a frying pan to readiness. While heart cools down, fry mushrooms. Form salad on a big plate, spreading ingredients layers: at first heart, then grated cheese, peas, mushrooms, potatoes, cucumbers and eggs. Grease each layer with mayonnaise.

Largely chop cabbage, cut polukruzhyama cucumbers, and eggs cubes. Mix with peas and greens, salt and dress with sour cream or mayonnaise.

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500 g of pork, beef heart or chicken serdechek3 yaytsa2 tuber averages kartofelya2 lukovitsy2 fresh or marinated ogurtsa50 syra300 shampinyonov150 tinned goroshka3 tablespoon soy sousa2 tablespoon vegetable maslasol, mayonnaise to taste

One more useful product rich with cellulose and vitamins is a beet. At "So Simply!" there is an excellent selection of simple and tasty salads from beet for any season. A great way to diversify the diet.

Boil eggs and potatoes, cool and grate or cut in cubes. Grate carrots and a little pripusta on vegetable oil together with onions. Mix vegetables and eggs with the pieces of chicken fillet cut by mushrooms and peas. Add greens and salt to taste.

Add lemon juice, sugar, salt, mustard to a brine and shake up the blender on average turnovers couple of seconds. Without stopping shaking up, a thin stream pour in vegetable oil. The stream is thinner, the mayonnaise is shaken up better. Do not increase blender power, otherwise sauce will be stratified. Store a ready-made product in the refrigerator no more than 7 days.

350 g boiled chicken file3 yaytsa3 tuber averages kartofelya1 lukovitsa1 morkov300 marinated shampinyonov250 tinned goroshkasvezhy zelenrastitelny oil, salt to taste

250 g boiled chicken file1 fresh ogurets150 tinned goroshka50 firm syra5-7 olivok3 tablespoon olive masla1 a bunch green luka1 a bunch ukropa1 tablespoon Dijon gorchitsysol to taste

With chicken and gribamiingrediyenta

100 g smoked kolbasy100 rye sukharikov1 morkov1 marinated ogurets100 of tinned peas or fasolimayonez, greens, salt to taste

The German beer salad from a sukharikamiingrediyenta

Cut a cucumber, cheese, olives and chicken fillet straws. Mix with peas and chopped greens. Salt, fill with olive oil and mustard.

150 g Beijing kapusty3 yaytsa200 tinned goroshka3 ogurtsa3 tablespoon of sour cream or mayonezasvezhy greens, salt to taste

Today the editorial office "So Simply!" will tell you why always the bank of peas needs to keep the person on duty in the refrigerator. Before you 8 recipes of simple and tasty salads for every day. And yes, marinade from peas should not be merged. From it it is possible to make gentle and dietary mayonnaise. Read the detailed instruction at the end of article.

Carrot and egg salatingrediyenta

Do you love easy and dietary dishes? Then 5 recipes of the most tasty salads with the Beijing cabbage which can be eaten every day will precisely be useful to you.

How to make fast dietary mayonnaise

2 yaytsa1 big morkov50 firm syra150 tinned goroshka2 tablespoon of sour cream or mayoneza1 tablespoon gorchitsy2 clove chesnoka1 tablespoon of soy sauce

To reduce the general caloric content of a dish and to save on products, try to make dietary mayonnaise from marinade from peas.

Cut small onions, and eggplants cubes. Fry vegetables on vegetable oil. Cool, add the eggs cut in cubes, a cucumber, greens and peas. At will fill with sour cream. Salt and give to a table!

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From a baklazhanamiingrediyenta

To make mayonnaise, you need 350 ml of sunflower oil, 150 ml of marinade from peas, to 1 tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of salt, 1 tsp of lemon juice and mustard and to taste. Instead of marinade from peas you can use marinade from haricot or any broth from bean.


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