Amusing : what means to forgive and understand and what is offense

Published: 17.5.2019
that means to forgive and understand and what is offense

Also the offense is caused by any attacks concerning your interests. Researchers proved that there are enough ten discrepancies, and at the person the offense is unconsciously formed. Unjustified expectation - one more serious occasion to take offense. For example, it is difficult for the girl assuming to receive a ringlet as a gift to restrain if instead she was invited in restaurant.

Constantly to cope with a heavy burden of offense, the person spends too much own energy. Personal vital forces cease to be enough for it to reach the wished good luck. Therefore the sensitivity belongs to the human qualities capable, first of all, to harm you.

Sometimes such treachery brings to a suicide. Whether forgiveness in that case is so necessary? The Bible in this question unambiguously treats the answer. In any of situations it is very important to save itself from anger. It is necessary to understand that the person who is not accepting forgiveness himself feels mental anguish. Besides, close people who do not deserve such address at all suffer from his bad behavior and offense.

It is possible to prevent similar action differently. One of psychologists recommends the most effective and short way of the solution of such task. When the offended person, having analysed a situation, begins to blame himself, it was quite good to it to send anonymously to the enemy about 20% of own monthly income. If after these actions nevertheless the feeling of own fault torments, then the translation should be repeated - and so until self-flagellation does not stop. The expert assures that it will better work, than any psychotherapeutic conversations.

The nursed grievance lies a heavy stone at heart and is often postponed for waists in the form of excess fat. She prevents to arrange private life and to build career. But the most important - the anger kills belief in decency and kindness of the world around and in love. As a result suffering itself suffers and experiences negative emotions even more, than his ill-wishers. That is why any treachery is important to learn to forgive to each of us. Only the love is capable to bear mercy or compassion. The love to itself and people around guarantees spiritual tranquility and perfection. So means to forgive offense to find rest of the soul?

On a breath it is required to represent the familiar image capable to fill with confidence and to give force (the house from the childhood in which it was safe of the loyal friend). On an exhalation it is necessary to focus on the picture which is most accurately displaying the offense subject demanding forgiveness. It you will blow kind of all negative of yourself, to pass to love for the neighbor.

When the person, feeling great love to the subject of adoration, suddenly receives stab in the back - it is called treachery. At the same time, having got used to transfer anger in the closed form, the person who is not recognizing forgiveness notices that negative impacts as an avalanche, fall upon him. He begins to be depressed, apathy or just becomes isolated.

What to mean to forgive itself and the ill-wisher? First of all, it is required to learn to struggle with the negative emotions similar to irritation or anger which can lead to unpredictable consequences. Only the love is capable to stop madness. However in that case the special respiratory gymnastics as an initial way to the concept "forgiveness" physically will be able to help.

Having a grudge against the offender, the person feels anger of offense which often can be shown in the form of the aggression directed not only on the enemy, but also close people surrounding it. Having endured treachery, the deceived woman often transfers the troubles to the children, to friends and companions, employees on work. Whether it is so necessary to forgive?

After some period of record will become less irritable, in them the offense reasons, capable will appear as it seems to the offended person to induce his offender to arrive quite so.

The people who tested a condition of forgiveness note that "as if some freight was got off the back". There comes the feeling of a certain euphoria and also openness to the world around. In a breast the feeling of a certain divine grace is observed. Soul trembles and sings. That's it such high emotions accompany the person who learned to forgive. The person aspires to a positive, he begins to look for something, to create, do. Emergence of such physical tone is a hint to an organism that offended sincerely forgave the ill-wisher.

In addition still the recommendation promoting clarification for offense. It is necessary to present an image of the forgiven person, watching his face. If forgiveness is more sincere, the look by all means will change. Until it occurs, procedures are required to be repeated again. Very important the fact that true forgiveness creates a certain complete, complete state. It consists in total the positive symptoms allowing to define whether the done operation is sincerely performed. When there is a corporal ease, but the mood remains suppressed, process is not fully completed. It is necessary to repeat everything at first, treating the procedure it is more responsible.

The ability to forgive offense is valuable quality of any sane person. It gives the chance to lead full life, to love the world around such as it is.

Its best form - the mental account:

Those who are not capable of forgiveness and too heavy transfer treachery, differently react to offense. Some think out how to revenge, others are disappointed at once and prefer to plunge into the world of illusions, trying to discover happy resolving the situation. And some begin to consider in everything guilty themselves and people around. Accumulation in negative emotions in attempt to answer a question whether it is necessary to forgive becomes the general for any scenario.

When the person forgives the offender, his physical and spiritual state changes for the better. At the same time the person tests:

The feeling of the part of the blame taken on itself at once will be gone, and treachery from the offender will seem incommensurably tiny. There will be desire to forgive quicker offense, at last to release to itself fault and to leave everything in the past.

Quite often, beginning to analyze own offenses, the person transfers some part of fault for treachery from the ill-wisher to himself. Later, when feelings of aggression are defeated already, the risk of self-flagellation - rearrangement of fault only on itself appears. It is categorically inadmissible. If instead of providing forgiveness to the guilty person, to begin to shift all responsibility to the shoulders, it is possible to achieve aggravation of a situation when an opportunity to break it is lost forever and to return love.

It is worth understanding that the reasons of offense and rage for treachery are often bound. Even the fact that with this person a lot of time and love is lived did not die away in such excited state yet, all this has no value any more - forgiveness does not overcome irreconcilability.

There is still an interesting way helping to understand what means to forgive offense. Psychologists recommend to keep the magazine of offenses and forgiveness throughout life. The matter is that the person through time assesses a negative situation in a different way. That is why it is better to fix in a notebook of feeling and a thought which were caused by treachery of darling, tested daily. It is desirable to write down in the magazine everything, especially the ideas which are capable to lead to a positive and to provide harmony and also to restore justice. People who keep records in diaries transfer offenses much easier and are able to forgive quicker. In their heart the love is lit.

Usually the person most of all takes offense at the harm done to him. It is absolutely unimportant whether intentionally it is caused or it is accidental, or perhaps with intention to teach you any life experience. We often take offense at the people having a view, other than our outlook, of a certain vital aspect. For vegetarians unacceptably active consumption by people around of meat products. The first reaction - forgiveness of such act is impossible.


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