Cold and sneezing without temperature at the adult, is updated

Published: 15.11.2017
cold and sneezing without temperature at the adult

Any cold begins with appearance of cold and other symptoms without initial temperature increase. It is caused by protective properties of an organism which begins to emit plentifully liquid exudate to get rid of the virus nose which got into a cavity. Sneezing at cold is followed by an itch and irritation in a throat. The earlier to begin treatment in a similar case, the it is more than chances to recover quickly.

Recipe. For preparation of structure it is necessary to take:

Than to treat cold:

Certainly, not always appearance of cold and sneezing is connected with the above described states. The person can sneeze several times a day for no apparent reason, and it is absolute norm.

That rhinitis did not become aggravated, it is necessary to perform prevention of a disease regularly. To the people inclined to nose diseases, it will be useful to breathe sea air or just more often to walk in the park. Outdoors it is possible to be engaged in physical exercises - it will help to strengthen immunity, in particular, a respiratory system.

Severe cold and frequent sneezing can appear from behind the following states:

To remove excessive load of an organism and to help it to cope with an illness, it is necessary to pass to easier food. It is necessary to place emphasis on vegetables, fruit and porridges, avoiding overeating and heavy meat products. It is better to refuse all fried and fat.

Not allergic rhinitis is not characterized by temperature increase of a body, an itch of a nasal cavity and dacryagogue.

Also additional moistening mucous a nose will help to stop sneezing. For these purposes it is possible to use olive oil or honey. If to be treated by national methods, cold recedes not at once. Therefore not to start more serious diseases, it is necessary to consult at the doctor about expediency of such treatment.

Sometimes the woman absolutely accidentally learns about the pregnancy how she begins to be treated for cold symptoms by means of tablets. At some they are poorly expressed, at others - more intensively. Sneezing and cold on early terms signal about the general decrease in immunity which happens in the girl's organism in order that hardly arisen fruit was not sawn-off.

Herbal tea - remarkable cold medicine. At cold and sneezing it is necessary to use as much as possible liquid. It will help to cope quicker to an organism with a viral infection. Surely it is necessary to add honey to tea, the lemon, a dogrose and a St. John's wort is strongest natural antibiotics. It is better to take such medicine warm.

The adult population needs to leave off smoking. For prevention of emergence of symptoms of allergic rhinitis it is worth registering to the pool.

House treatment will hardly do harm, but if a disease serious, you do not neglect medical recommendations.

To avoid appearance of a disease, not superfluous will strengthen immunity since the earliest childhood. The child should give natural products, placing emphasis on vegetables and fruit which do not cause an allergy.

Ignoring of medical recommendations in case of allergic rhinitis is capable to provoke development of bronchial asthma.

What to make for simplification fortunes in this case? It is worth replacing drugs - with vegetables and fruit, strong teas - on light grass broths, to avoid stresses and heavy loadings. Usually cold passes independently, without additional interventions in an organism.

Treatment has to be followed by the use of a large amount of liquid - herbal or lemon tea. A good alternative to medicines becomes medical. It strengthens the general immunity of an organism if to add it to warm drinks. In case rhinitis became aggravated, from sneezing and cold honey inhalations will help.

Sometimes the person can sneeze for no apparent reason. In certain cases it can demonstrate the occurred pregnancy at the woman or hit of a foreign matter in the child's nose. Before getting rid of cold and sneezing, it is necessary to exclude these reasons.

Such state is the immune answer to flying allergens, food are more rare. The disease accompanies cold, sneezing, dacryagogue and hypostasis of mucous. If there are similar symptoms, the diagnosis allergic rhinitis is made. Treatment has to be complex:

So if the adult had a cold and sneezing, and so far without temperature how they can be treated?

This disease represents inflammation mucous a nose. The disease accompanies severe cold throughout the long period. Less often cough because of hit of slime in a throat can disturb the patient.

Sneezing and cold without temperature - the phenomenon not rare. Such processes the human body reacts to external irritants of various etiology: viruses, decrease in immunity or existence of a foreign matter. House treatment has to be performed only after inspection of the doctor provided that the expert did not find serious problems.

Before stopping sneezing at the child, it is worth examining his nasal cavity. The kid could thrust there a foreign subject which became the discomfort reason. It is necessary to help the baby to sneeze several times - it can solve the arisen problem. If manipulations did not help, you should not get rid independently of a subject in a nose, it is better to ask for the help the otorhinolaryngologist. Self-treatment in a similar case is inadmissible.

Well help at cold morning washings of a nose. For this purpose in warm water a little sea salt should part and to wash out in turn each nostril from the pipette or other suitable adaptation.

Leaves of mint should be filled in with boiled water and to add honey to liquid (the more it will be, the better, but no more than 4 spoons). It is better to cover the head with a towel and to breathe over steam of 10-15 minutes. Such procedure dilutes slime and promotes its fast removal.

Treatment by inhalations will help to clean nasal bosoms, will have the all-strengthening and antibacterial effect. It is necessary to breathe over steam daily before improvement of a state. Similar procedures are contraindicated at antritis and other purulent diseases.


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