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Published: 19.11.2017
a severe headache when the plane decreases: what to do and why occurs

Distinguish 3 main reasons influencing emergence of a sharp pain syndrome. The detailed analysis of factors will help to study them and to pick up a necessary preventive course of treatment.

Most often the maximum effect is gained after acupressure of a temporal part of a skull, a nape at the level of an ear or small pillows of middle fingers on hands.

At the time of plane landing it is recommended to use chewing gum and to open a mouth. Let it will look indecently, but the health is more expensive. It is possible to thrust earplugs into ears.

Intake of medicines for the purpose of repayment of a headache is not a way out. One business when it is the isolated case which took place 1 time in several years, another - periodic aggravations.

As it was mentioned earlier, the reason disappears in an air delay. For this purpose it is necessary, within 2-3 days before flight, to execute the following manipulations:

However, having come back home, useful will be to glance on inclusion in policlinic. Having trusted in the good expert it is possible to reveal in due time a problem and to solve it with the minimum interventions in work of an organism.

The people having diseases of the musculoskeletal device face this problem quite often. It is possible to get rid of it an easy and easy way - to walk rather periodically on the central pass, warming up extremities and muscles. It is desirable to make stay in a chair for himself the most comfortable: to use the roller or a pillow.

In some cases the severe headache can last for several days after flight. Cases when hearing function which is restored after some time is partially broken are frequent.

At the moment when the plane begins to change height (to decrease or rise) there is a change of barometric pressure. The headache of moderate character which in most cases quickly passes becomes result. Other passengers, in view of features of the organism, feel similar discomfort when boarding.

Otherwise there is a probability of further progressing of a disease. It can come also from independent treatment and intake of the wrong medicines. Therefore the organism will cease to react normally to them and will gain so-called anti-immunity.

Passengers whose head begins to hurt because of change of partial pressure are also recommended to perform a number of procedures previously. It is necessary to begin just before decrease. These manipulations will allow to reduce sufferings significantly:

More the forehead begins to hurt travelers that can affect further work of all organism in general. Therefore to leave everything as it is - it is not recommended for maintaining own health.

The passenger doing a so-called alcoholic veil from a headache reflects mistakenly. Actually reaction of an organism will be other, negative influence of extraneous noise will increase, concentrating on itself attention of brain cages. As a result the effect will become as if a time bomb.

According to the confirmed statistics, approximately every third passenger at the moment when the plane decreases, feels severe headaches. The similar picture can be observed not only during this period, but also in the course of all movement, including ascent and flight. In spite of the fact that the reasons of their emergence are studied not completely, a number of the hypotheses sounded by scientists helps to deal with this problem successfully.

The problems connected with frequent headaches at the time of plane landing for the people who are often traveling for a long time stopped being a rarity. According to official statistics, 35-40% of passengers are subject to it. Unpleasant figures in this case is that their size annually grows.

Modern medicines allow to reduce load of an organism during flight. Preventive methods depend on the reasons of manifestation of headaches. Therefore each of them will be considered individually.

Stay in one insufficiently convenient position is called the passenger's syndrome. Muscles of all body clench and block access of oxygen to the main coordination center - a brain.

If at the passenger the head ached, it is not necessary to hurry to accept anesthetic. It is recommended to begin with acupressure. It becomes the choice of most pulsing points of a body and serial pressing on each of them within 10 seconds. The best result is achieved after 3-4 approaches.

Reaction of a human body to loud sounds is various. Especially on the exceeding all admissible indicators several times. As a result of increase in arterial blood pressure so-called noise intoxication is created.

A situation which leads to the fact that during flight the head optional an organism etiology begins to hurt. Quite perhaps, this coincidence of a number of the factors which negatively affected it.

If these procedures do not help, the nose at the same time breathes without complaints, and pain amplifies, recommended to address the otolaryngologist and to complete the appointed course of treatment.

After a while it passes into a headache. Sometimes to avoid it there is enough, using earplugs.

Proceeding from it, it is possible to make the conclusion that if the problem is not pathology, then in most cases it is the individual reaction of a human body which is shown practically in the course of each flight.

Catastrophic fear of flights is a disease of psychotherapeutic character. It is possible to cope with it the following techniques:

The independent solution which is followed by acceptance of tablets can end at all not as it was planned by the person. Strengthening of effect which will affect bigger expressiveness of symptoms and to identification of new feelings can only become result.

It is good when the person foreknows behavior of the organism during flight. But how to be to the people flying for the first time? To dull a headache on the plane or to avoid it it is possible in several ways. And they do not mean use of the anesthetizing tablets. To make the travel pleasant it is recommended to consider a number of factors.

Most often the doctor advises to accept the triptana, medicines containing paracetamol, spazmolitik in the structure. Depending on the reason of origin of pain and time of its emergence (on take-off or at the time of landing).


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