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Published: 29.3.2019

Krabi is the city which inhabits about 30 000 inhabitants, admincentre the province of the same name in the south of Thailand. From Bangkok it is removed on 946 km, and from Phuket on 180 km.

the Unique religious sight - the Wat Kaew Korawaram temple complex - is recognized as the second in beauty and popularity in all province (on the first place of Wat Tham Suea). Address of Wat Kaew Korawaram ensemble: Issara Road, Pak-us, Krabi 81000. It is the most convenient to reach there on foot as it is the downtown of Krabi, and the card with sights will help to orient on city streets.

One tradition is connected with this sculpture: the people dreaming of ideal family and good children have to rub an armor of a krabik, and then their dream be executed. Krabit already rubbed to gloss - their armors literally sparkle under sunshine!

Krabi town is located in the mouth of the small river of Krabi, slightly at some distance from the coast of the Andaman Sea and has no beach.

By the way, after a lunch it is necessary to touch with extra care a krabik. By this time the metal sculpture manages to heat up so strongly in the sun that at contact with it it is possible to get burn.

It is possible to move across all territory of a complex though there are footpaths on which only monks can walk. It is also necessary to know that it is possible to come into some buildings (and all them here very much) only with the permission of religious attendants.

This complex as if "is locked" on city streets between ordinary constructions - any scope around, air access as though completely is absent. But exactly thanks to such contrast the shrine looks as the shining white pearl in a gray dirty sink.

The main entertainments in Krabi are excursions to the jungle with the long-tailed macaques living there and also visit of restaurants, bars, little shops and bazarchik with goods at very low prices. The prices here really are much lower, than in the other resorts of Thailand therefore Krabi town is the best place for purchase of national clothes and various gifts.

Practically all sights of Krabi town are located in nearby vicinities, and directly in their settlement not so there is a lot of.

In the city of Krabi the picturesque embankment of the river of the same name is recognized as the most tourist place. This the most popular and the place best here for walks, especially evening. On the embankment many interesting sculptures, in particular, the metal composition which is considered as the Krabi town symbol are established: big and little crabs. From an inscription on the plate it is clear that the monument to crabs illustrates the fable by Aesop in which mother teaches cubs to discipline and good manners.

The city not too big, in it two main streets and along them all infrastructure is concentrated. Krabi River goes along the river, and the second street almost parallel to it. Though it is easy to be guided in Krabi town, the detailed map with the sights noted on it can be necessary for the tourists wishing to visit this city during the travel across Thailand.

The main element of the temple complex is the monastery which is called the White temple. It is located on the eminence, and to it the snow-white ladder which handrail is decorated with images of mythological snakes dragons conducts. The stylistics of this construction are absolutely unusual to Buddhist temples: walls are made from is dazzling a white stone, and the roof is painted with dark blue paint. Indoors walls are decorated with the bright frescos narrating about Buddha's life. In the White temple the majestic sculpture of Buddha sitting in a lotus pose is established.

And still this provincial town is included into the list of the main tourist centers of the province of Krabi. He as well as possible allows to experience and understand life of true, authentic Thailand with its national color - such pleasure will not be able to deliver any Europeanized resort of the province of Krabi.

In the city there are a lot of travel agencies offering trips to the closest islands of Thailand and an excursion on province sights (about what interesting is in the province of Krabi, read in separate article).

As there are no beaches in Krabi town, persons interested to lie down under the sun and to be bought in the Andaman Sea are forced to go for the neighboring resorts. But it is not difficult at all: from the city embankment motor boats on Rayleigh's beaches regularly float, to JSC Nanga it is possible to reach cheap on songteo, and by the rented car or motor-baize to reach to any beach of the province.

Krabi town became famous for improbable low cost of hotels and hostels. It is possible to have the room in hotel much cheaper here, than in any other settlement of the province of the same name of Thailand. Many budget hotels can be found on the website Booking.com and to time to reserve the pleasant room.

At a monument to crabs it is usually gathered many tourists wishing to be photographed - the excellent picture for the memory of a travel to Thailand turns out. Unfortunately, really there is a lot of people (especially long it is necessary to wait if tourists from China appear) and therefore it is necessary either to stock up with patience, or to connect impudence.

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