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Published: 27.3.2019
the temple of a tiger Krabi Thailand: a photo and the description how to reach

The temple of the Tiger (Krabi) - the popular sight also known under the name "tiger cave". There come millions of guests and pilgrims. Local travel agencies offer excursions to the temple with a pleasant bonus - a trip to hot springs. However at sources there are always a lot of travelers and forces after such travel remain a little. There is no need to buy an excursion tour, to the temple of the Tiger it is easy to reach by own efforts.

the Building of the temple is near an entrance and the free parking. It was equipped in a grotto and covered with an extension - the place, quite fascinating and unusual to the European person, turned out. There come pilgrims, and near a grotto there is a small room where protect Buddha's trace.

If to rise facing a statue of the Chinese goddess, the ladder a well or Land of the Lost or the settlement of monks is located at the left. Steps, and their a little more than 100, are laid directly in the rock and conduct to an arbor where it is possible to have a rest. In the bottom of steps there is a footpath which conducts to a well. Today directly from it tropical trees grow.

Behind the place for meditations and the economic block caves where monks come to pray are located, and some live here. The territory huge, of course, you can go further, but hardly you will have enough for it forces. Learn the PRICES or reserve any housing by means of this form

Interesting fact! If to translate the name of a sight literally, it is more correct to tell the temple of a cave of the Tiger. It will help to avoid confusion as the temple with the similar name - the Tiger - is in the province of Thailand Kanchanaburi - there live monks and live tigers.

Between the temple and a pagoda souvenir shops and shops where it is possible to buy gifts are built, the plane model is established, the toilet works and there are even several monkeys enclosures.

It is useful to know! Walking on a footpath, you remember that all most interesting is concentrated at the left.

Lodges of monks can be seen through 50 meters from a ladder, some attendants still live in rocky caves. There are monks who live in grottoes - the entrance is immured a wall in which there is a door. Ladders are simply put to some grottoes. The majority of lodges is constructed in the thousand-year forest which in itself is a sight.

In a far corner of the temple of the Tiger, near descent in Land of the Lost the temple of the Chinese goddess where the statue of the goddess Guan Yin is established is built.

There are several legends of origin of the name. On one of them in this place the founder of the monastery meditated, and near it tigers had a rest from midday heat. According to one more legend, here once there lived a huge tiger for many years directing horror at locals, after his death monks came here to pray and meditate.

There are no live tigers in the temple in Krabi, but statues of animals - a huge number. The main attraction of the place - a long ladder which conducts travelers to rock top where the majestic gold statue of Buddha is established. This statue it is visible from the airport of Krabi.

The main reason for which many tourists come to the temple, & #8212; rise on a ladder to Buddha's statue and a small pagoda. On the plate it is specified that it is necessary to overcome 1237 steps, but actually from 1260. And here for what reason - a part of steps repaired recently. New made about 15 cm high, and - 0,5 m high - it was even terrible to look at old not that to lift on them. Thus, the total number of steps increased both some careful and attentive tourist specified figure on the last column. As the temple operating all tourists before rise on the top tier surely take off footwear.

First of all, the temple of the Tiger in Thailand is located below, at the foot of the mountain, and you should allocate though to be 30-40 minutes to bypass its territory. There will be a set of interesting buildings, and, above all - statues of tigers. Visit a pagoda which is constructed on donations, income from sale of gifts and souvenirs. Height of a pagoda of nearly 100 meters, and the sizes of the basis reach 58 meters.

It is useful to know! Ladder height - a foot and not to each traveler obeys 1237 this height. On one of legends if to overcome all steps, it is possible to clean a karma completely.

It is useful to know! While monkeys in the open-air cage are lovely animals, but be careful - them much around, they freely move on the temple and can easily snatch out a purse, the camera or other personal belongings.

At once behind lodges the place for prayers and meditation begins. Here too there is a kitchen, toilets and also a laundry. The special color to the place adds the skeleton established on a public inspection.

Interesting fact! Many tourists come to the temple of the Tiger in Thailand early in the morning or in the evening - dawn and declines at top of the mountain are equally fine.

The temple in Thailand is built in 10 km from the capital of the province and in 20 km from JSC Nanga resort. It is the most popular and visited Buddhist temple. By the way, Krabi is the Muslim region therefore there is not a lot of religious places for Buddhists.

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