at the request of chitaty: features of rent of houses in the village

Published: 1.4.2019
features of rent of houses in the village

If you want to remove from the city to the country, then, in my opinion, it is worth beginning with rental housing. Living in leased housing, you will be able to look round, get acquainted with fellows villager, to study climate and features of the nature, and the most important - to pass the first difficult period of adaptation. If something goes not so, it is possible to leave leased housing without cares and grief, and here bought or the house under construction will become a burden. I will share the modest experience that you did not wait from the market of rent in the village of the same logic, as in the megalopolis.

2. It is necessary to use all possible ways of search of housing:

3. Housing, not conforming to city standards at all can be leased: without water in the house, with the bad oven, without firewood for the winter, with cracks in walls. So if you have some concrete restrictions, for example, small children who need heat and stable water, surely sound these wishes at discussion of options. Sometimes there are quite acceptable options, for example, we rented the house with a normal toilet and a shower.

4. Be ready to serve the house independently. If conducting begins to spark, in the winter from cold pipes will burst or the piece of plaster falls off, it is improbable that owners will resolve this issue. Quite often owners in general live in other settlement, and just cannot quickly resolve issues. And if live nearby - can react to your requests extremely reluctantly. The more independently you will be, the better for you. By the way, it is necessary to pay for repair quite often independently, and can not compensate you these expenditure even on account of the rent.

1. In villages usually there are not enough options of rental housing, and in their some settlements can not be in general.

In the conclusion I want to tell that nothing so motivates to buy the house as rent of others house in the village. So if you will live year - another in the leased house and do not want to run away from the village to the habitual urban environment, then you will be able to choose for purchase or to build to yourself the house in which you will be able to live long and happily, without being sorry about the decision.

5. I never heard that in the village someone signed lease agreements, probably, it and the truth is extremely seldom done. So I very much advise you to discuss with owners a possibility of breakage of expensive equipment (the washing machine, the pump, the refrigerator) or difficult communications. We by inexperience got into very unpleasant situation. In the winter we broke the pump, it became clear that he "died of an old age" (it was confirmed by the expert) and the worn-out details quickly cannot be replaced as the pump of the rare brand. We quickly bought the new pump for 15 thousand, and owners insisted that we at departure from the house left the new pump to them, ignoring arguments that the old pump broke not through our fault, and from an old age. As a result we agreed with huge work that we will pay compensation in 3 thousand (it was the doubled price of the broken detail on the Internet), and owners will repair the pump or will buy new, and we will take away the with ourselves. After this conflict we worried, kind of at us the ancient refrigerator and a stiralka because the conflict about the pump was exhausting, with threats and terrible hysterics did not break from owners. Only neighbors with whom we managed to make friends and explain them the absurdity of a situation could help us with this situation, having got up on our party. From here a conclusion - discuss everything in advance and you are on friendly terms with neighbors))


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