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Published: 9.5.2018
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Beijing is the capital of People's Republic of China and one of the biggest and polluted cities of the world. Here it is possible to observe as the whole areas the built-up huge skyscrapers, same Chinese "five-storey apartment blocks", the plants, and ancient constructions. China still watchfully treats strangers, however, are always glad to Russians in the country and whenever possible try not to limit in freedom. According to the Chinese legislation, residents practically of all countries of the world (including Russia) are obliged on the territory of Celestial Empire to provide visas and/or diplomatic passports for entrance.

anyone the Russian can Receive the visa to China. Diplomatic passports are issued only to workers on air/sea vessels, to the diplomats accompanying diplomatic missions. It is possible to make out the visa to Celestial Empire as by own efforts (it is necessary to visit surely one of the Chinese consulates for delivery of documents), and through intermediaries who will make the main work for you, but will ask to pay in addition.

The tourist visa to China does not require many documents.

Provided that you decided to be engaged in independent processing of visa to Beijing, you will need to visit independently one of consulates of China for delivery of documents and interviewing with the consul (the last is not always obligatory). The main problem is a geographical location of the visa centers which are distributed over the country unevenly. If you gave all documents, then the consulate will contact you in the nearest future (not later than in 5 days). As a rule, you will be asked to take away the ready visa. Or in case in documents some errors are found, to correct them and again a tax. And also the personal interview with the consul, but it already for longer visas can be required.

For today there are 12 types:

The cost of the visa which is made out independently taking into account all duties will not exceed 6 thousand rubles (most often it fluctuates around from 1500 to 3500 rubles). If registration goes through the intermediary, then it is necessary to pay in addition from above the sum for his services, as a rule, the cost of services also included all consular fees. The most widespread prices vary from 10 to 25 thousand rubles (taking into account duties).

It is important to notice that for single visit of Beijing it is not necessary to make out the visa in advance. You can receive it upon an arrival in the local airport. Period of validity of this visa does not exceed several days, with its help you can move freely within city line of Beijing, however, to other regions of China it is necessary to forget about departure.

Depending on type of the visa it is necessary to provide a different set of documents. For example, to receive a transit visa it is necessary to show the plane ticket to the third country through the Beijing airport plus the international passport then you within several hours will be registered and will give the visa for 72 hours. With other types it is more difficult as it is necessary to collect all documents on the Homeland and to send them to one of embassies.

If you decided to entrust sending documents to the third party, then it is necessary to be convinced of his reliability and competence. As a rule, the intermediary will independently check the received documents for mistakes and will inform you on them. At emergence of questions from consulate he will contact you or will settle them independently.

Also there are additional documents which need to be provided to receive a tourist visa to Beijing:

Their basic list following:


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