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Published: 7.5.2018

Contrary to delusions, there is a number of the countries with the high standard of living to which each of us can move. This is not about inaccessible and madly expensive Switzerland, Germany or Norway where it is almost impossible to be fixed and receive the residence permit. But not only in them people can be happy and provided.

it is a lot of

of Work here, the sphere of tourism especially needs shots. Here a huge flow of Russian-speaking tourists, and therefore our compatriots without work will not stay.

It is remarkable that in the Czech Republic education, even the highest - free. Even for visitors.

But not only all over the world it is interesting to travel. In Ukraine there are too cities which strike with the beauty. Learn what cities of Ukraine need to be visited in the winter.

Adaptation process takes place too easily as the main population of the country - emigrants.

You can obtain more detailed information on the best countries for life from video.

All Australia is mainly emigrants therefore it is very easy to adapt to the new environment. The state is to visitors kindly favorable disposed and gives them full support.

Here free education and medicine, and salary very high - about 2800 dollars a month. The state provides a dole and social support.

Actually, now Poland is one of perspective developing countries. It already far left from the Soviet Union, and in the world ranking of the best countries for life it is in the 34th place in economic and social parameter.

The Czech Republic is in the center of Europe. Salaries here too low, as well as in Poland (up to 1100 euros a month), but economy stable and developing. Prices of household goods and products very acceptable, and crime rate absolutely low.

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We picked up five countries where any can easily move who has educations and a profession even if length of service is absolutely small.

Polish is similar to Russian and Ukrainian, and therefore is easy for studying. Besides, in Poland there is an opportunity to confirm the diploma and to work by training. Therefore it is possible to gain a foothold in this country even not on a working profession.

It is simple to emigrate to Poland, and there is a lot of work therefore nobody will be left "in the basket".

It not only the resort where it is possible to have a rest. Here it is possible to live very well. Salary is higher here, than in the Czech Republic and Poland - on average about 1600 euros a month.

Certain plus - it is already possible to receive a permanent residence in a year of residence in the country.

In Canada stable economy and the legislation, low crime rate. Moreover, Canada pleases with beautiful natural views, wonderful reserves, an excellent ecological situation.

This state recognizes dual citizenship that is unambiguous plus.

The only minus - not too high salaries as for the European country (about 800 euros a month). However, and the prices here too are twice lower than the European.

The average salary - about 3000 dollars a month. Medicine here qualitative and free, and education excellent. But here prices of everything rather high.

Here the stable legislation, high level of culture, low prices is also an opportunity without visa to visit other countries.

In Cyprus great soft climate, an excellent ecological situation, low taxes. Also there will be no language problems as most of the population speaks Russian and English.

The remoteness of the continent from all others, however, does not allow to reach easily other corners of the world is and is far, and it is financially unprofitable. However such geographic location does Australia by the quiet country far from various conflicts and wars.

Australia is known for the high standard of living and economic stability. Many Australian cities are world-wide recognized as the best cities for human life.

It is the leader of immigration. Annually Canada gets to the top ten of the best countries for life.


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