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Published: 5.5.2018
how to remove a scale in the natural way

The scale appears because between teeth and on gums the remains of food which we eat collect. It consists of mineral salts and other waste. At the same time the scale has a rough surface and yellowish color.




What can be more useful than the fresh apple with a peel eaten for a dessert? Apples not only are useful to our health, but also are capable to brush our teeth effectively.


Also at least two times a year are recommended to visit the dentist for implementation of professional clarification of an oral cavity and treatment of caries.

When we eat sweet and we will not caress a mouth, the bacteria feeding on sugar produce acids which cause caries.

The vitamin C which is contained in these citruses interferes with reproduction of bacteria on the surface of teeth.

The texture of sesame sunflower seeds is ideal to fight against a dental plaque and to bleach teeth.

In our today's article we will tell you what natural means best of all are suitable for this purpose.

One more irreplaceable means which each of us should have houses. Peroxide of hydrogen is used for healing of wounds and toothbrushing.

All that needs to be made & #8212; to chew a tablespoon of sesame sunflower seeds. It is not necessary to swallow them. After that take a toothbrush and pound the received paste on the surface of teeth. After cleaning rinse a mouth with a large amount of warm water.7. Strawberry and tomato

In addition you can use also the natural means capable to eliminate a scale. The most effective of them are:

We recommend to you to use it for care of an oral cavity 2-3 times a week: prepare mix of peroxide of hydrogen and water in equal proportions and use the turned-out solution for rinsing of a mouth after toothbrushing. It will allow you not only to remove a scale, but also to stop reproduction of bacteria and to keep an oral cavity of healthy. 3. Apples

Both strawberry, and tomatoes contain a large amount of vitamin C. Processing them the surface of teeth you not only you will cope with a scale, but you will be able to lighten tooth enamel. Take ingredients in a mouth some time before to rinse it.

The ingredients used for its preparation allow to remove a scale and to have healthy and strong teeth.

This toothpaste does not contain harmful chemicals which are used in production of usual means for care of an oral cavity. It is completely natural.

Though it is the is best of all stomatologists cope with a scale, each of us can get rid of it independently by means of natural means. They will allow to stop distribution of a scale.

The combination of these ingredients allows to prepare effective mix for fight against a scale. You can use its two once a week after habitual toothbrushing before going to bed.

Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, surely has to be always near at hand at each of us. The matter is that this means has a number of useful properties. For example, it is long since used as natural bleach.

Crude vegetables are also very useful to our teeth. They stimulate production of saliva and do teeth stronger.


Choose vegetables which not only perfectly brush teeth, but also satisfy hunger. So, between meals you can have a bite carrots or a celery.10. Almonds

1. Sodium bicarbonate

For prevention of emergence of a scale it is very important to be able to brush teeth correctly.

Baking soda has salty taste therefore it is necessary to use a small amount of this substance for toothbrushing.

Consumption of whole nuts also brings benefit to our teeth, we should chew carefully them before swallowing. It helps to get rid of a dental plaque and a stone.

For prevention of a scale it is recommended to abstain from the food containing sugar and starch. The matter is that these substances create the nutritious soil for reproduction of the bacteria which are in an oral cavity.

Drink every morning orange juice or process teeth an internal part of an orange peel before going to sleep. 5. Bicarbonate of sodium and aloe belief


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