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Published: 3.5.2018
how to improve handwriting of the child: councils of experts

You watch that the school student always sat at a table correctly, do not forget about it, and in 3 weeks it will begin to accept the correct pose.

Look at how letters are written: they have an incorrect inclination, they "watch" in different directions, elements of letters - nonparallel, in words an inclination in one, in other party? If it is your case, then the child sits down at couple as it is convenient to it. You teach the school student to sit correctly at a school desk at school or at home.

If you picked up the handle, teach the child correctly her to hold. It lies on the 3rd finger, at the left it is held by a big finger, covers - index. If desired the forefinger can be raised easily - the handle should not fall. Distance from fingers to a core - 2 cm. You should not clamp strongly the handle, bending a forefinger. If your child incorrectly holds the handle, it is possible to buy him a special nozzle which will help to retrain it.

Happens that letters or "run away" up and are located over a line, or, on the contrary, down, turn out different in height or width.

If a problem in it, then you need to teach the child to have correctly a notebook:

You created all conditions that your child began to write beautifully: tracked how he sits, holds the handle, arranged a notebook. However he already developed ugly handwriting. How to correct it? To carry out special exercises. But you should not overload the child. If he studies at elementary school, it is enough to give to occupations of 15-20 minutes, no more. It is necessary to pick up texts, interesting to the child, on 4-6 lines and to rewrite them, trying to do it it is beautiful.

Set the child an example: if you stoop during the reading and the letter, then the child will not apprehend your remarks seriously. Begin to work on yourself, and then children will reach for you. So, what correct landing:

One more disturbing "call" is a shoot of the letter "r". If the child writes the text which has to show to the parent or the peer, and a shoot of this letter too short, - it can the be sign of the fact that he is afraid of the person to whom the message is addressed. In this case it is important to work over the relations in family, to create the atmosphere of trust and mutual support.

Younger school students can write sometimes inaccurately and illegibly. You should not worry because of it: gradually the handwriting has to change. If you can easily read words in a notebook, there are no serious mistakes, - you should not torment the school student. Perfectionism - it is not always good. Constantly criticizing the child and trying to obtain ideal writing, you can achieve boomerang effect: it will have a disgust for the letter. Besides, psychologists note that the parents forcing to rewrite many times tasks accustom the child to sample behavior, and at it desire to show an initiative can be gone over time.

Do not forget about covers. They not only help to remain to notebooks tidy, but also do not allow a notebook to slide. Therefore it is better to buy inexpensive polyethylene covers as more rigid, though look better, do not cope with this function.

Pay attention what letters or elements at the child turn out clumsy, and work on them more. It is possible to begin to retrain from copy-books, you teach the school student to write anew various hooks and sticks, and then let he under your supervision connects them in letters.

There is one more easy way which helps to make handwriting more beautiful too. It does not take a lot of time. Take a notebook in a section and ask the child to draw a circle, without tearing off a hand. And so - many times, yet it will not turn out (it is possible to be engaged 5 minutes a day). When he learns to draw one circle, add the second, slightly displacing a hand to the right, but watch that your circles did not go beyond a cage. At you the figure similar to "smoke" will turn out.

One more important point: the handwriting is connected also with psychological state of the child. If before he wrote accurately and beautifully, and then its letters became illegible and curve, - it is possible, in life of the school student problems appeared. For example, the relations in family changed, or it does not have relations with peers. Strong pressing by the letter can testify to the increased uneasiness. If pressure from parents who watch that the child wrote each letter as they find necessary also is added to it, - at the child the inferiority complex can develop.

It is beautiful to write only regular trainings, efforts of the school student, his desire, - will help to make handwriting of the child beautiful. Here it is important not to go too far, not to force it to stay for hours behind copy-books, and otherwise you will achieve the return result. He has to not only be engaged, but also play, have a rest. Also it is worth praising the little toiler as often as possible. At such approach you not only will cope with a problem, but also keep the friendly relations with the son or the daughter.

At some children the bad handwriting happens because they have a dysgraphia. In this case the kid is not guilty as mistakes in his words - result of insufficient formation or disintegration of the mental functions which are responsible for a written language. In this case it needs the help of the logopedist, the neurologist, good results are yielded by physical activity. Let's tell about characteristic symptoms of a dysgraphia:

It is possible to say that the child has a dysgraphia only when he seizes technology of the letter, that is not earlier than 8 or 8 and a half years. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the child should be brought together to the logopedist and also to prepare for serious work. At due diligence there is every chance to master this trouble. Today grants, workbooks, audio-and videocourses are available to disgrafik. To cope with a dysgraphia, not only experts, but also the school student, and his parents should work. It is important to get support of the school teacher also.

So, you are sure that the problem is not decided, and your child really writes worse than ever though he has no psychological problems or a dysgraphia. In this case it is necessary to understand in what the reason of such bad handwriting, and to work on a situation.

What to pay attention when choosing the handle to:

If the child went to a garden, with it tutors had to be engaged including to develop small motility. You as to parents should have found time for the developing occupations with the son or the daughter too. But if it did not turn out to pay it due attention, then your child could come to school with badly developed small motility. At such child fingers and hands are not so mobile, and because of it it is difficult to it to write elements of letters which have curves, it difficult is given curved lines. Study the child's notebook: if at him it is impossible to write letters with curved elements, it is necessary to work over small motility. As to make it:


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