the Part 1 Land of the Lost is near the osveysky cycle travel new on the website

Published: 1.5.2018
part 1 Land of the Lost is near an osveysky cycle travel

Part 2. Land of the Lost is near. The cycle travel to Osveyu

Super, everything very much was pleasant to me. Interesting travel. Thanks for the story.

Good fellows, have cool a rest: good:

Very interesting travel, beautiful photos and places surprising. Dmitry, and is the operating church?

Dmitry, intrigued and what there was farther? I look forward the story. So great you travel on velika.: good:

Thanks! Always please! There will be another travel to one unique place soon: Texas:! Read to a nazdorovya: yahoo:!)))

Still expects big continuation! Places are actually smart! Photos on most do not transfer that the atmosphere of presence. If you love such deafs and clean places where civilizations at least & #8212; there is a direct road. And prices ooooochen low. I love different rest, in it the huge high! P.S. Yes, by the name it is church. Appearance & #8212; church. Unfortunately that day it was closed and we did not get there. Interest once again remained to appear there remained)


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