Popular : an insurance on the child for trip abroad in 2019

Published: 11.5.2018
insurance on the child for trip abroad in 2019

Obtaining the policy for the child is not the mandatory requirement. But many travelers seek to get it. The insurance on the child for trip abroad will help to avoid a set of various troubles.

at the same time the policy surely joins such options as insurance of civil liability and insurance of cancellation of a trip.

The minor comes back home, accompanied with the employee speaking Russian.

Insurance option - basic. Medical insurance - 35 thousand euros. The sum of insurance upon accidents, at the included option "For All the Time of a Travel", is 1 thousand euros. Insurance of cancellation of a trip - 500 euros, insurance of civil liability ≠- 10 thousand euros.

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The family consisting of three people is recommended to issue the annual policy.

Having got an insurance, it is necessary to unpack it in several copies. One of them needs to be held in hotel, the second & #8212; always to carry with itself. It is possible to leave the third copy in the homeland. It can be useful in case both copies will be lost.

What countries are included into the list of the Schengen agreement it is possible to learn here.

Additional options at the same time are disconnected. But the companies insurers recommend to connect such additions as "Homecoming", "Insurance of civil liability" and "Insurance upon accident". Cost at the same time will be higher.

If the family consisting of three people including the baby up to 12 months, is going to visit the United States of America, then it is recommended to get an insurance in the following companies:

If the sum sounded by the doctor exceeds the limit size, parents will have to pay a difference independently.

It can be done in case additional diagnosing is not supposed.

The limit on services of this doctor is capable to cover only the emergency help. It is relevant in case the child suffers a serious injury of a jaw, or he develops inflammatory process.

The price of insurance of children depends on the following factors:

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Russian Standard, for example, does not include in the policy "Insurance upon accidents". Same concerns also other insurers.

Important in due time to calculate the expenses. It is quite possible that some operations should be paid from own pocket. It is possible at emergence of emergency situation.

At departure abroad, the child should not refuse the idea of execution of the medical policy. The cost of medical services abroad is rather high. Foreigners have no right for free service.

The children's organism differs in susceptibility to various illnesses. Children are restless and inclined to getting injured. Therefore is all bases of the fact that medical care can be necessary.

If the family consisting of the father, mother and the child of 6 years is going to visit Europe, then the cost of an insurance will look as follows:

Allianz Global Assistance is considered the best service company. She cooperates with the best medical institutions of the United States of America, Europe and Asia.

The last way is considered the most preferable as it is impossible to lose an insurance, and to unpack it it is possible in any medical institution.

This point provides transportation of the minor home in case one or both parents suffered a serious injury. It is possible at accidents or terrorist attack.

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Assistans works within rules of the company insurer. The next moments depend on it:

At execution of the policy, it is necessary to specify at the company insurer the name of an assistans in advance. Information on an assistansa needs to be collected before departure.

At emergence of an insured event, it is necessary:

Each insurer has the restrictions.

The procedure of registration looks is rather transparent. The client has an opportunity to independently control all factors which affect functionality of an insurance.

The insurance issued online can be kept:

All issues are resolved "in two clicks". The insurance comes to the specified e-mail.

At registration online, travelers can save up to 30%.

This function is available in the following countries:

If the family of three people, including the teenager of 12-13 years goes to Turkey, then it is desirable to buy an insurance in such firms as VTB and the Absolute. All relevant prices are presented in the table.

In more detail about the child's insurance for trip abroad it is possible to learn from video, given below.

The health insurance surely includes:

The main objective of the actions which are an insurance basis rendering the qualified help to the child when receiving various injuries by it is considered, at poisonings, exacerbation of diseases, stings of insects.

To foreign persons it is helped quickly and qualitatively.

If parents just decided to examine the child abroad, then the policy will not work. In this case inspection and treatment should be paid from own pocket.

Carefully it is necessary to choose not only the insurer, but also the company-assistans. It assists in the organization of a trip and at emergence of insured events.

If the young family with very small child who did not reach 12-month age is going to visit Europe, then it will be best of all to issue an insurance in such companies as the Absolute and VTB.

The relevant prices are available in the plate.

It is possible to issue it online within 3 minutes here.

It is possible to issue an insurance within 3 minutes here.

Upon purchase of the policy, it is necessary to specify whether compensation of transportation costs by the insurer is supposed. In this case parents have to keep all checks and show them upon return home.

The insurance for rest abroad together with children is made out as at personal visit of office of the company insurer, and online.

All insurers try to be guided by existence of a franchize and age of minor travelers. The child less franchize is younger, the more it is necessary to pay for an insurance.

According to skilled travelers, family with the children up to 7 years best to issue an insurance with the maximum cover amount. The price of such policy will be slightly higher. But it will cover all foreseen and unforeseen risks and will help to keep the family budget. It is possible to buy an insurance which is suitable for execution of any visa here.

And also it is necessary to refill balance of phone in due time. In certain cases it can save life to the child. The amount of compensation on a talk by the mobile phone varies from 50 to 200 US dollars. This moment is explained when the policy is made out.

At 30 insured days, the sum of an insurance will look as follows:

If the child needs urgent medical care, parents can call the ambulance. But it practices not everywhere. In the majority of the countries it is necessary to reach hospital independently.

Additional options which are added at the request of the parents wishing to issue an insurance are specified in the plate.

The customer himself can choose the insured sum and additional options.

Making out the annual policy, it is possible to save. For this purpose it is necessary to connect the option "Unlimited Number of Trips, No More than 90 Days Everyone".

About an insurance and additional options it is possible to learn in more detail, having watched video.

At the same time each insurer has own restrictions. About it it is necessary to specify in advance.

The second way is more preferable as it allows to save both time, and money.

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