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Published: 3.5.2019
passive income

If your motivation to creation of passive income consists in flight, you, most likely, fail. Passive income is a fuel to do even more what you already do. To try to add fuel to what you do not want, is a recipe how to prevent itself. You will give up business before you promote far.

But if you hate the current work and you try to avoid it by means of passive income, work will constantly hang at you a stone on a neck and to pull down. The real problem is your low standards and a lack of self-esteem. Why you want to be engaged for the sake of money now in work which you do not love? Unless you do not deserve bigger? Such thinking is thinking of the bankrupt. It means that you will never provide the best value of what are capable and therefore also your income will suffer.

For example if you work as the consultant for health issues and to you such work generally is pleasant, you can expand the activity, having created something like an online course, the e-book or the website that will allow you to provide passively to people value even then when you cannot help them personally. In turn it will allow you to earn passive income. Passive income is a side effect of granting passive value.

I would advise to pass to sources of active income where you will do work which is pleasant to you at first. Then you will be able to create sources of passive income on this basis to serve a bigger number of people and to increase the value which you are capable to provide.

The attempt to create sources of passive income on the basis of a way of life which is not pleasant to you is similar to the wrong weightlifting trainings and attempt to take a bigger weight. If you act this way, then just damage to yourself. It is unreasonable approach.

If you do not like your way of life, it is important to settle this question at first. Do not think that you will be able to avoid it, having created sources of passive income. It will not work.


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