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Published: 1.5.2019
I do not know as

When you tell phrases, type:

you the adult, and only you are responsible for own education. If you consider that in some area of your skills it is not enough, go and study. Increase the skill in this area.

My school education was limited to English, mathematics, natural sciences and also the American and European history. Besides, I was well trained in mutual aid, self-discipline and education of own character. I was lucky, and from 12 years I attended private school where standards of teaching were much higher, than at the next public schools. I am not ready to discuss all that religious nonsense which was hammered into my head, but secular objects were taught at very good level.

Many adults complain about a lack of the education got in youth. Really, nobody knows what skills and knowledge will be useful to us in the subsequent life. We can only try to guess and usually we are mistaken.

I could write better, but I am too lazy and undisciplined to make it. I also have too low self-assessment which prevents me to believe that I can correct the defect in education. You probably should not spend time for communication with me Е

Е most of adequate people actually hear the following:

When I studied at school, the most part of technologies which I use now, did not exist yet. The first time I saw the Internet already in college therefore it was senseless to think of creation of the websites or to comprehend Internet business bases, a fate at school.

I am sorry that I could not write better, but my writing skills are far from perfect.

For basic education I lacked computer literacy, psychology, skills of communication, oratory, skills of statement and achievement of the goals and also knowledge of construction and management of successful business.

To achieve the objectives in life, I had to fill tears in basic education independently. It demanded the disciplined approach to self-education. I am engaged in self-education to this day. I regularly find and I fill gaps in the knowledge which can prevent me in achievement of my purposes. Usually work comes down to reading theoretical information, discussions with experts and carrying out own experiments.

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