the Excise tax in Ukraine in 2019, popular

Published: 5.5.2019
the excise tax in Ukraine in 2019

2016 caused a stir for Ukraine in innovations in the Tax Code. The government considered necessary to increase an excise duty by some types of products. New rules came into force on January 1, 2016 and continue to work in 2019.

As well as the customs duties, the excise taxes are also classified on three views:

In other words, this payment is paid at realization and import of goods to Ukraine. The main payers at product sales are businessmen who are obliged to be registered in tax administration for payment of this tax. Businessmen should remember new rules of entrance of Russians to Ukraine. Planning the return trip, it is necessary to study relevant customs rules of Russia.

An ad valorem rate - 12.

Increase in rates on alcoholic products which are subject further to realization came into force 1.03.2016.

The taxpayer after registration in tax administration is obliged to submit monthly the declaration about production of excisable products. The declaration moves not earlier 20, but not later than the 30th day of reporting month.

Initially it is worth understanding what goods belong to excisable products. All list of such goods can be found in the Tax Code of the Ukrainian state.

When importing goods in borders of the Ukrainian state the payment is paid in day of submission of the customs declaration.

Persons who are engaged in selling of such products have to buy excise stamps. Often excise cost is already included in an excise stamp.

The excise tax is an indirect tax payment which is paid for realization of separate group of products within the Ukrainian state.

The table of increase in the percentage of rates of an excise duty

List of excisable products:

The following categories of people are obliged to pay this tax payment:

Table of a rate of an excise duty


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