the Bottle with a note was found 131 year later, new on the website inside

Published: 13.5.2019
the bottle with a note was found 131 year inside later

That is this note floated 131 years and now is the oldest in the world and is stored in the Museum of Western Australia. The previous record equaled to 108 years in the sea.

Tonya Illman from Australia went to walk on the beach on the island Vedzh in the January afternoon. At a surf the interesting bottle with an inscription which the woman decided to take away home as decoration of an interior got to it. cleaning a bottle, she noticed inside a note which was accurately got and studied. The note appeared in German which Tonya and her friends did not know, but in the same place there was also a date "1886", and therefore was decided to show a note in the nearest museum.

The text of a note said that the bottle was a part of an experiment on tracking of oceanic currents and it is thrown out on June 12, 1886 from the research vessel "Paula" (Germany). Also there was a request to found a note to address with information on it to the German sea observatory in Hamburg. Germany confirmed authenticity of the found note. It appears, at that time in the Indian Ocean hundreds of similar bottles were thrown out, and all as a result of an experiment of Sea observatory in waters of oceans there were thousands of bottles in 69 years. But only 662 notes returned to Hamburg. The note found in Denmark in 1934 became the latest.


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