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Published: 11.5.2019
of a retrophoto 1978: people who decided destinies of our world

5. On April 25, 1978 residents of Afghanistan became witnesses of the organized revolution. Thus, the power was received by radical groups which supported the USSR.U of an entrance to the presidential palace located in Kabul.

9. 1978 - fading of political truce, and the continuing "sexual revolution". It began in the late sixties and ended twenty years later. In 1978 the image of Rex Features found courageous lines, having become mega-sexual.


16. History 20 of a century will be incomplete without story about the car. In 1978 still it is possible to find polnorazmeny cars which were presented by dealers.

8. In 1978 the world shook a suicide of numerous members of sect in Guyana. In November, 1978 900 people who were in the religious community "The temple of the people" voluntarily got poisoned with cyanide. This act - the order of the spiritual coach of the organization.

21. The history of conquest of space is worthy several pages, but it would be desirable to share the most remarkable photo. USA, Saturn-5. The space center which we bear a name of Lyndon Johnson:

Forces of group managed entirely or to seize parts power over four cities. Satanists could win a victory only a year of heavy bloody fighting later.

11. Charming girls act in the clip Queen on Bicycle Race composition, 1978:

14. The American movies are shown the GDR as the country where there were only gloomy faces, deficiency of impressions and feeling of hopelessness. It is necessary to mention that changes concerned also the cinema world. Francis Ford Coppola shot the infamous film Apocalypse Now

18. In Europe in the 1970th years the automotive industry took a place of honor between socialist and American. It is possible to allocate continuous release of new models and also emergence of mass release of cars which were produced for the first time 20-30 years ago. Many legendary cars managed to remain on a konveyra for forty years.

23. Recognized Bill Gates? And there is desire to get acquainted with how "plasma" looked forty years ago? The TV of production of firm with the meter display.

3. Terrorists demanded to exchange the kidnapped man for 13 prisoners. Members of the Italian government made the decision in favor of refusal of similar barter.

2. Many Arab countries and the USSR criticized "The Camp David transaction". As a result of the concluded compromise Egypt returned itself the Sinai Peninsula, Sadat faced new cases of armed attacks on the territories in 1981.

13. Inhabitants of the West got used to liberation, "free love". It is no wonder that also other countries decided to follow an example. The culture of eroticism reigned in Yugoslavia. Poland became famous for the unusual barrack-type building of the socialist camp.

There were many events forty years ago. They were as pleasant for a political situation, and could shock the public. We suggest to get acquainted with retrophotos on which it is possible to see people that made history, decided destinies, and also achievements of that year. Believe, it came really fruitful for opening, events, novelties which we use also till today.

10. Rex Features is the large non-state agency which united professional photographers. Their works used demands at journalists of world mass media. The photographer from Germany, the famous lady-killer, the wealthy businessman Gunter Zack with the girlfriend on the beach in the San Track. 1978.

4. In May, 1978 in a luggage carrier of Renault, placed Aldo Moro's corpse. At survey it is established that the body of the man underwent intensive firing from the automatic machine.

In the middle of March there was a kidnapping of the head of Christian Democrat party. It put forward a thought to make a compromise which had to take place between communists and the right forces. No wonder what it was not approved by the American intelligence agencies.

20. Tirana in 1978 still remained the car, free for sale

15. 40 years ago shootings of the well-known thriller about adventures of people of Earth in space "Stranger" took place. The movie brought not only popularity to the acted actors, but also grandiose profit to creators. Sigourney of Weaver is an amazon of the time. 1978.

In 1978 in Nicaragua civil war was developed. Members of gang of Somosa were involved in it and group of "the Sandinistsky front of release" on August.25 the same year in the country the revolt was organized.

In 1978 there was a counterattack of National guard after the revolutionary revolution in Nicaragua.

7. Elected prime minister of Afghanistan Nur Taraki. On this photo he is full of hopes concerning the embodiment in life of election pledges. In 1979 the man will die as a result of murder by the Soviet special troops

22. Ahead large profit, millions of users of software worldwide. Youth and ambitions will prevail. Specialists of Microsoft corporation in December, 1978:

In the late seventies cars could reach the socialist countries which could not brag of novelties of the automobile market. The parking at Karl Tseyss's plant in. Yen, GDR, 1978:

19. Residents of Bulgaria continued assembly of the popular brand of the Soviet car of the beginning of the 60th years. Moskvich car service. 1978.

At that time time in other countries there were civil wars, revolutionary revolutions, revolts, blood-thirsty murders to a set of the victims. Residents of Italy stayed in a condition of fear because of the general dissonance in a political regime, the power of terrorists, large-scale destructions. In the country the pseudo-radical group "Red Brigades" began to establish orders. The lawlessness arranged by her members horrified civilians. Rumors went that the sponsor of activity of gang was the USA.

6. The royal palace Arg underwent firing from tank parts which were ordered by Aslam Vatanzhara. At that time in the building there was a governor, members of his family, ministers of various departments. In the neighborhood of the palace of the president in Kabul the very next day after the happened revolt.

1. At first there is a little policy. Despite calm in the sphere of the military conflicts, their echoes sounded here and there. The Middle East was one of points on the plan demanding peaceful settlement. Only in 1978 it was succeeded to make impossible and to sit down at the negotiating table.

The advertizing course of marketol of Jeansmode in the conservative GDR in 1978

12. The list of Tunics was absolutely small in those days. This current concerned not only Europe with free customs, but also Latin America differing in less courageous views. The second was broken continually by the acts arranged with military - supporters of the mode of fascism. The beach in Rio de Janeiro. February, 1978.

In September of the same year the long-awaited summit at which it was succeeded to come to the peace agreement of Israel and Egypt took place. "Historical handshake" was organized by the president of America and at that time was considered as a unique event in the history of foreign policy in 1978.

17. Ford Pinto edition, 1978:


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