Discussion: 11 products which will help to cope with alarm and a stress

Published: 25.4.2019
11 products which will help to cope with alarm and a stress

We lead active life which under an hour forces us to feel fully a stress, alarm, overfatigue which can become the reason of serious problems with health. Therefore we want to talk a little about how it is correct to cope with stressful situations, to be in harmony and to support also a healthy lifestyle.

Fish is ideal for

for regulation of arterial blood pressure. It is rich with fat Omega-3 amino acids which reduce risk of development of cardiovascular diseases and control sugar level in blood. It is important to use fish at least once a week as she is a natural source of magnesium which influences relaxation and neutralizes a stress and alarm.

As well as fish, almonds it is rich with the high content of magnesium and also proteins and vitamins which are useful to the correct work of an organism. If at the responsible moment you are nervous or is hungry, eat a little almonds, it will help.

Seaweed contain a large amount of magnesium and tryptophane, thereby filling on feeling of tranquility and harmony.

Boil 3 table spoons of porridge in 1/4 liters of water and filter. Accept oat broth on one cup in the morning, before a lunch and before going to bed.


One of common symptoms of alarm and a stress is hunger. Its reason is in improper feeding and a diet in which there is no enough vitamins and other useful substances. The deficiency of nutrients in blood lowers sugar level, and we feel thirst for sweet, snacks and junk food.

To restore good health, give preference to bitter chocolate & #8212; it calms, reducing the level of cortisol, stress hormone.

Bananas & #8212; the natural source of potassium which guarantees us strengthening of nervous system and controls the level of a stress and alarm.

Leaves of orange work soothingly and improve a dream. Prepare infusion from 2-3 leaves on a cup of water and accept before going to bed. It will help you to get rid of alarm and insomnia.


If the level of alarm and a stress complicates to you life, try to follow these recommendations:

Peaches are rich with cellulose, vitamins and minerals which will improve your health. Use this juicy and tasty fruit to lower feeling of hunger and the need for sweet.


Porridge is recommended for decrease in a stress as it starts work of hormones-antidepressants in an organism. Besides, porridge is rich with difficult connections, magnesium and, of course, cellulose.

Nuts use for fight against a stress as they contain vitamin B, he participates in production of serotonin. The last plays an important role as the neurotransmitter, controlling body temperature and stabilizing appetite.

Dairy products contain tryptophane & #8212; the amino acid capable to cause feeling of joy and tranquility. Other sources of this substance are peanut and bananas.

Thus, food turns into one of the most important ways of fight against uneasiness and a stress. Further we will tell how not to give in to temptation and to help the organism to feel better and to control a stress and alarm. With it we will be helped by healthy natural products.

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