Secrets: the artificial intelligence for the first time created special effects for musical video

Published: 9.1.2017
the artificial intelligence for the first time created special effects for musical video

Already not for the first time we publish news how the artificial intelligence helps people of creative professions. It is already capable to script independently movies, to create sequels of popular literary works and even to create music rather pleasant aurally. On the same time of AI created by forces of Intel allowed to creation of special effects for musical video by the pop performer, popular in China, Chris Li.

the Intel Company especially is proud of the fact that artificial intelligence of its production for the first time created something similar for the entertaining industry. Art directors thought up the concept of musical video, made its storyboard and presented to engineers of Intel. The artificial intelligence carefully studied the face of the Chinese performer, created its detailed three-dimensional model and learned to trace it in real time without any markers and other devices applied to skin for tracking.

As a result of AI Chris Li absolutely independently put various effects on the finished shooting face. For example, projected on it various images, drew the soap bubbles arising directly from the performer's skin, created the thin streams of water repeating a relief of the person and so on. Certainly, authors of the clip did not set before themselves the purpose to achieve 100% realism of the image. After all this first of all entertaining video for admirers of the pop star. And still the result of work of artificial intelligence cannot but admire. Look.


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