Popular : when weather in Thailand on months is better to go to Thailand

Published: 13.2.2019
when weather in Thailand on months is better to go to Thailand

Weather in Thailand on months. We choose the resort of Thailand depending on a season.

January & mdash; Mai's middle & mdash; ideal time for visit of any resorts of Thailand. There are no rains, as a rule, at all, they gradually begin in April & mdash; Thais about it celebrate the holiday Songkran, the New Year. If the travel to Thailand is planned for the Russian May vacation, then keep in mind that in Northern Thailand & mdash; Chiangg Mai & mdash; it is already quite damp, comfort not that. We advise those who wants to avoid crowds of tourists during a high season in Thailand the resort of Hua Hin which is near Bangkok: there at all are no Russians:

June & mdash; August & mdash; smart period of visit of Thailand. It is considered that there came the damp season. The number of tourists considerably decreases, but at the same time the prices of hotels and in the resorts of Thailand fall. At the same time rains short, go mainly at night, and bring not so much discomfort, how many freshness and a cool. In combination with sales air tickets to Bangkok which in these dates are hardly more expensive than tickets for the European directions, rest in Thailand in the summer can be an excellent alternative to Europe on which beaches there's not an inch of room. From the resorts of Thailand during this period Phuket is quite comfortable:

Unlike Russia in Thailand only three seasons, and those are called also laquo; сухой» & laquo; влажный» and & laquo; season дождей». We are often asked: whether it is possible to go to Thailand during a rainy season? These seasons concern rather central and northern Thailand, resorts are in the south and therefore it is considered that this country is suitable for year-round visit, with small nuances.

January & mdash; season peak, traditional for Russians, in Thailand, our New Year's holidays. It coincides with the best time of visit of any resorts of Thailand. If for some reason you choose this period, we advise to buy tickets and to reserve hotels for several months. In December tickets to Bangkok are of straight lines (or with convenient joining) much more expensive, it is necessary to think out a difficult route, and from hotels there are not best options.

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November & mdash; December & mdash; it is quite damp on Phuket, but in too time is the period of the lowest prices. Great chance to live in some lonely boutique hotel which will cost many times cheaper, than during a high season. To Samui rest can sadden the sky which is periodically tightened a white haze & mdash; but everything depends on wind, can clear up within several minutes. Council on it the period & mdash; go to the islands of Chang:

September & mdash; middle of November & mdash; a great time to visit Samui and small islands which are nearby. On Tao in September the best time for snorkeling or diving.

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