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Published: 11.2.2019
main attractions of Beijing

Among tourists the Beijing zoo enjoys wide popularity. Here it is possible to see not only a symbol of China - a panda, but also to get acquainted with other exotic animals. The architecture and structure of a zoo is very interesting: it reminds a huge garden with various animals and birds who live practically in conditions of the wild nature, and this is true - there are neither close open-air cages, nor numerous cages.

If to speak about the summer palace, then it reminds more peculiar "country house" where among the nature the emperor with the family had a rest.

Among a set of sights of Beijing each person will find something, interesting to it. For someone it is majestic palaces, for someone - ancient temples, and modern architectural concepts of the Chinese masters will be to the taste to someone.

One of the few sites of the Great Wall which remained nearly in original state is just near Beijing. Any person can buy the ticket and rise by a wall. Also offer tourists the full-fledged excursions including not only a transfer and walk on a wall, but also the story about its history.

Gardens of Celestial Empire

To place army on all length of a wall also it was not represented possible: to capture length 6 thousand kilometers, too many people would be required. Nevertheless stood on it patrol, reporting about any possible threats.

It will be interesting to that who already visited the Moscow mausoleum to visit also Mao Tse Tung's mausoleum located in Tiananmen Square. Here too it will not be boring for tourists who are not attracted by a body of the former leader. This area - one of the biggest in the world. In addition, by all means it is worth visiting also the National museum of China located near the area. Here the set of interesting exhibits for which survey will not be enough and 2-3 hours is stored, it is possible to spend in the museum the whole day.

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Amazing country of China

Special attention to tourists should be paid on the monastery Yonghegong which is officially considered as Tibetan. This embodiment of a unification of all currents of the Buddhism. It is possible to track this trend even in architecture: the monastery is built in the unique style including not only the Chinese traditions, but also Manchurian and Tibetan style.

The historical value has also the Temple of Heaven located near the imperial palace. Here the emperor went once in a year to say prayers to Heaven and to ask about favorable weather conditions that was pledge of a good harvest. Nearly 500 years emperors observed this tradition.

This construction deservedly is considered one of the most known symbols of China. The Great Wall reaches more than 6 thousand kilometers in length. Many consider that the wall protected the country from attacks of armies of enemies, but it could not stop army. The matter is that the stone laying is only on some sites. The most part of a wall is a big earth shaft which can detain, but not stop enemies. However this wall became reliable protection against nomads and dealers who wanted to get to the country, without paying duties.

To see classical Chinese architecture and at the same time it is possible to visit the biggest palace complex in the world, having visited the Gugun palace. The winter residence of the emperor is capable to strike even the most skilled tourist who saw many "miracles". Exactly here all ceremonies and traditional ceremonies were held, there lived the emperor with the family. The Gugun palace is called also "The forbidden city": to come into it it was permitted only to the persons who are brought closer to the emperor. The area of all complex is 72 hectares.

Beijing and parks, at each of which - the history is famous. The Beihai park located at the lake of the same name is closely connected with time of government of emperors. Beautiful architecture, the atmosphere of tranquility and even the island in the center of the lake - for the sake of such show it is worth spending several hours. And here the Jingshan park located near a palace complex differs from others in the fact that only from here it is possible to see all magnificence of the Forbidden city. The panorama which opens to guests of the park really impresses.

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