Personnel of hospital executed a cherished dream 4, popular

Published: 9.2.2019
the personnel of hospital executed a cherished dream 4

The childhood of each small child has to be happy. This that time in life which is intended for happiness, fun and smiles. Nobody will argue with this statement. But this baby has no happy childhood. Abbie is such small, and already met cruel destiny. In four years the baby suffers from leukemia and is in hospital. Doctors fight for her life and do everything possible for its preservation, but procedures will not be able eternally to cope with it.

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It needs positive emotions, dreams and will to live! If it is not, then there will be no desire to recover, and this most terrible during a disease. For this reason one day parents decided to execute a cherished dream of the baby. Abbie wants to exist the most beautiful bride! She, as well as many girls, dreams of a magnificent dress, the fop and the beautiful groom! Her father with mother decided to execute Abbie's dream and organized for it a celebration. Doctors and personnel willingly joined it and executed a big dream of the little girl. As it is touching.


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