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Published: 11.2.2018
Hugo's resorts

Features of the ethnic cuisine of Vietnam

Langkawi is the travel info

The TOP of the sights of Laos which are most visited by tourists

If you not the special judge of east culture, but at the same time wish to carry out rest actively, that is to do a bit of traveling on elephants, to take a walk in the jungle or just to enjoy the wonderful beach, in that case, of Kanchanaburi & #8212; your heavenly spot.

Features of Japanese cuisine

First of all, tourists visit southeast open spaces for rest in resorts, full beautiful views, sand, beaches and the sea. Local service works at very high level as tourists & #8212; one of the main sources of income of such countries as, for example, Thailand. More than a half of resorts enjoy the popularity because of quality of service as the local population really tries to please tourists.

TOP-10 the best sights of Thailand

Amazing country of China

It is worth paying attention and local water & #171; процедурам»: for anybody not the secret that the Vietnamese diving is recognized as one of the best in the world as it costs not so much, but gives the chance to see a huge number of various types of corals.

Thailand. Sights

Improbable Malaysian caves to Bat

A large number of the dayvcentre located on all resort beaches where the guide who with great pleasure will show underwater sights is provided to each client. Also it is necessary to mention surfing in Malaysia which enjoys popularity here at tourists as east monsoon provides them excellent waves.

The island Phuket is famous for the snow-white soft sands and the clean Andaman Sea. These facts so attract a large number of tourists every year, and their number only grows every year.

Sulawesi is the island orchid

Fans of the East will be able to get acquainted with sources of an ancient civilization in the north of Thailand. This area is called Chiang Ry, the place which kept both heritage of ancient culture, and the surprising nature. Also tourists can admire much heritage of ancient civilizations, cultural heritage, such as, for example, Buddhist monuments like the Laotian Trace of Buddha or myanmsky Shwedagon Pagoda.

Countries of Southeast Asia: Singapore

Surprising travel to Laos

The travel to India - is far better to go and where to stop?

Of course, one more factor of popularity of these countries is existence of active volcanoes, rare exotic animal and interesting, and at times and frightening traditions of local population, such as two-week holiday in honor of the relative who departed in another world. The interesting and dumbfounding local food, such as well-known sauce from rotten interiors of fish.

An excursion to the ethnological park of the island of Tenerife

Sights of Israel: Dead Sea

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