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Published: 9.2.2018
how to make the website free of charge on the designer: review of the best services

English-speaking analogs

The choice of designers is much more, than we can present here in detail to you, and it is only plus. We offered the most interesting, functional and simple in development, but the choice for you. Perhaps, you will like one of the following services more:

If you need something bigger, than the website business card or the single publication of article, then at choice you have the whole set of online designers who offer free and paid creation of the websites. As a rule, in a free tariff there is a set of restrictions, but for a start it precisely will approach. Usually free of charge provide even tools for search optimization and analytics of attendance: with their help you will be able to lift the website in search delivery of Google and "Yandex" and also to learn from where to you visitors what sections they check come and what is the time carry out on the website. And if the website goes uphill, then it is always possible to pass to a paid tariff and to try new tools.

Formally you do not acquire the right of the owner of the domain, but nevertheless it can use fully. For registration you need knowledge of English and basic understanding of work with domains for the websites.

WordPress is one of the cursors, most popular in the world, for the websites among webmasters, but it also exists as the online designer clear to not only developers, but also ordinary users. He offers including a free tariff. Advantages: 3 GB of the place, hundreds of free templates, fixed assets of registration, wide choice of additional plug-ins (additions and expansions). Main advantage: you will test the same platform which is used by thousands of the full-fledged and independent websites in business, and it will be easier for you to pass to such website in the future.

So, to make the website not so difficult as it can seem. Give several evenings to studying of services designers, and you will be able soon to create the own website - the useful tool for business, a way to declare oneself to the world and just a reason for pride. And what will be this website - the simple business card or the whole online world with a set of materials and useful functions - to solve only to you.

The domain is the address of the website which is entered into an address line of the browser. is the website in English in which anyone can register free of charge to himself the domain in one of zones:

When you have many profiles in different social networks, and you do not know what reference in them to specify in the column "website", will be the effective decision to create for this purpose the small website business card on which all most key information on you is collected. It will add to you solidity in the opinion of potential buyers or judges of your talent. And if you, on the contrary, avoid to appear on any social resources, then such decision will help out you at all. There are several services on which it is possible to make the website business card free of charge:

One of shortcomings of the websites collected on the designer - the "ceiling" which is not allowing to the website to develop above a certain mark. Even on paid tariffs many designers limit the number of megabytes for data storage: that is, when you will have too much information, you should delete a part old to place new. Besides, if you want to connect some service or new function, the designer can not support her. And "moving" of the website from the designer on a usual hosting and the domain - business very troublesome.

Fortunately, every year there are more and more online designers who allow anyone to create the own website, even without owning programming and without paying web studio for development.

Designers of the websites were called so with an ulterior motive: on them to collect the website as easily how to play with usual meccanos. The convenience is that you do not create from scratch each block, and you take ready and you have as it is convenient to you.


In our decade of social networks the majority of institutions, businessmen and bloggers have the profiles or groups in which successfully advertize the services and tell about themselves to the world. For example, "Instagram", "Facebook", VKontakte allow to show the goods, to be easily available to search or just to publish the thoughts and creativity. But to have at least the simple real website, besides accounts in social networks, remains still it is useful for the most different purposes.

Happens that you have what urgently to tell the world - for example, you wrote article which just could not be published, and for a wall it too big and contains pictures in social network. On this case there are great services for the free publication of articles which are not obligatory for conducting constantly as have the personal blog. Here you can place just one-time the material and give on it the reference to everyone.

If you are sure that you more than have enough functionality of designers, start "assembly". And if your blog or business has high potential of growth, then consider the decision on a joint of amateur designers and professional web development - WordPress.

How to choose the suitable designer and how to define what website it is better for to create? Everything depends on your purposes, urgency and preferences.


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