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Published: 7.2.2018
a pink bush: leaving to put

Any owner of the seasonal dacha or private house, has desire in every possible way to embellish the territory. And the most popular and effective ornament - a pink bush or simply a rose. Thanks to selection any gardener can choose for himself that grade which as he considers, will become a highlight of its flower bed.

Drafts and zastoyaly water - some of the main enemies of a pink bush. Besides, these factors are not terrible to a rose if it grows in a flower bed, but here if this open space, then the owner should provide these moments. It is the best of all to choose in that case the place on a slope or the simple flat site;

After in a flower bed or in a garden there was a pink bush, it is necessary to begin to look after him now. But everything is not so simple.

If there is desire in the garden to plant a rose, then it is necessary to know, such manipulations are how exactly carried out.

During every season there are features on which the final result depends.

All these nuances on leaving will help to create unique landscaping of the site. The main thing, it is correct to observe and remember them each seasonal feature. Then your pink bushes will be long pleasing to the eye to you and people around, creating excellent mood!

If the pink bush grows in a garden, but not in a flower bed, then it is worth taking care of that trees were not near the developed root system.

If the pink bush is planted in rainy weather in an open garden, then it is worth taking care of additional protection against excessive moisture as the plant can simply decay. For such purposes do polyethylene canopies.

By the end of April the covering can be removed completely. Quite it can turn out so that on escapes the turned black places will be noticeable. If there is not a lot of them, then for a plant it is not terrible, it is worth cutting off only on all the damaged places and to spray them with the Bordeaux liquid. Also for such purposes it is possible to use iron vitriol which prepares in proportions of 10 l of water and 300 g of means.

It should be noted that moment that the most optimum time for landing of a rose the fall is considered, but it is necessary to calculate so that frosts came not earlier than 3 weeks later after landing. Also gardeners claim in order that the rose well got accustomed, it should be landed in cloudy weather.

You should not forget also about wreckers. To protect a rose from mice, around the place of landing it is necessary to stamp soil from time to time to liquidate the courses of rodents. In addition on the set sites it is necessary to use also special protective equipment. But with them it is worth being very accurate as any chemicals in large numbers can only do much harm to flowers. That the wintering for pink bushes took place successfully, it is worth using above and above the provided recommendations;

But in order that it blossomed and was pleasing to the eye, behind a rose not only competent leaving is necessary, but also it is necessary to plant it initially correctly.

In the middle of the summer it is necessary to carry out rooting of shanks and removal of the withering inflorescences. But only those which are below the first pyatilistochkovy leaf are liquidated. At this time, watering has to become slightly more rare, and fertilizers change on phosphoric and potash.

If desired the cut-off shanks can be transplanted in pots and to transfer to the house. Then the rose will decorate not only a flower bed, but also the dwelling.

And everything occurs as follows:

When airing, different wreckers - a plant louse, bugs and caterpillars, for a garden this everyday occurrence can get to a flower bed. To get rid of such misfortune, saplings are sprayed with insecticides, for example, "Spark" or Aktara. Well and, of course, it is worth not to forgetting about the soil and to help it to restore balance of the substances lost during the winter;

Also it is worth separating it from climbers as it can lead of plants to death too.


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