the Night attacks of demons eyes of scientists, at the request of chitaty

Published: 9.4.2019
night attacks of demons eyes of scientists

If you sometime woke up in the middle of the night with feeling that the demonic being wants to deal shortly with you, then perhaps you had an experience of a meeting with so-called "inkuby" (the male demon) or "sukkuby" (the female demon).

throughout centuries of an inkuba and sukkuba hunted sleeping that found reflection in folklore and works of art of many cultures.

The system of protection of a brain activated by threat helps to create a difficult hallucination of the being sitting on a breast, the head of a research professor of clinical psychopathology from Leiden University Jan Dirk Blom explained.

Scientists found out that about 11 percent of people are attacked by an inkub or a sukkub at least once in life.

In the published article scientists reflect on possible communication between a phenomenon of demons and a syndrome of sudden death during sleep.

The analytical research conducted by the Dutch scientists showed that this frightening phenomenon can be more widespread, than was considered earlier.

The research also found out that an image of an inkub or a sukkub and also reaction to it, differs depending on the cultural environment to which the person belongs.

During the research which results are published in November issue of the magazine of Border in psychiatry (Frontiers in Psychiatry) scientists analysed data of 13 researches conducted in Canada, the USA, China, Japan and Mexico in which about 1800 people took part.

The analysis revealed that the people sleeping on a back endure the attacks of inkub and sukkub more often. Abuse of alcohol and an irregular dream also increase the probability of a meeting with demons.

Though the terrifying experience of a meeting with demons often are written off for "a bad dream", scientists note that the meeting with inkuby and sukkuby can lead to additional problems, including the general concern, sleep disorder and even crazy frustration.

"I spoke recently with the healthy 15-year-old girl who endured the phenomenon of inkub, - told Bl. - She beheld four tiny penguins having dinner at a table on her breast and was rather excited and amazed, than frightened".

"People who tested a phenomenon of inkub or sukkub often report about limit of fear, - says Bl. - It seems to much of them that they will really die during the attack. It is unknown whether there is it sometime actually, but for the person when he feels such feelings, it seems quite possible and plausible".

But at separate categories of citizens the probability to meet with inkuby or sukkuby is much higher. At people with mental disorders, refugees and that is surprising, students such probability reaches 41 percent.

The attacks of demons usually happen in the period of sleepy paralysis when the person falls asleep or wakes up.

During a phase of a REM sleep which usually is followed by dreams muscles of the person are relaxed to paralysis level that prevents sleeping from physical movements during a dream. Sometimes, that during sleepy paralysis consciousness of the person wakes up, but at the same time he also continues to have a dream and its body remains paralyzed. As a result of it the person sees a combination of a real environment and a nightmare which is projected to the real world. This experience is often felt as extremely real.

However demons can sometimes appear in more friendly and funny look.

For example, Muslims often consider a phenomenon of the demon as the proof that the genie - the invisible spirit created by Allah from a flame without smoke hunts for them.


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