the Most readable: for entrance to Cyprus rules of issue of visas changed

Published: 13.4.2019
for entrance to Cyprus rules of issue of visas changed

Since December 1, 2017 the Republic of Cyprus stopped issue of visas on entrance to citizens of Russia, persons interested to visit the territory of so-called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" (TRNC). On it Russians were informed by Federal Tourism Agency, referring to the MFA of Russia.

However the mass flow of the Russian citizens on the North of Cyprus, according to the statistics of tour operators, is not observed by

and it is not expected in the future. However, tourists quite often plan short day trips to a northern part of the island to get acquainted with numerous local historical attractions and to enjoy the nature, considerably country, different from the southern part.

Having driven through the Erdzhan airport located in the territory of TRSK, it will be impossible to visit the rest of Cyprus. Besides in this case it is necessary not only to pay a penalty, but also not to count on obtaining the Cyprian visa further any more. By the way, direct air transportation in Erdzhan are carried out only by the Turkish companies from the territory of Turkey.

To issue the single visa to Cyprus for a period of 90 days, it is necessary to address on the website of embassy of the country.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is considered self-proclaimed and is not recognized as official Cyprus. By the way, to all these innovations in the visa centers did not advise to specify Northern Cyprus as the purpose of the visit.

However in visit of "the forbidden territory" with the existing Cyprian visa there are no particular problems & #8211; to make it, it is necessary to arrive to Cyprus through the airports of Pathos and Larnaca, and after that to cross border through one of check points.


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