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Published: 19.4.2019
how to be an attractive guy for any girl

Your leather jacket will not help it to cope with internal experiences, and ripped jeans you will not be able to wipe it a tear when she is upset. Remember, that is important what you are a person, but not that in what you to clothes.

Hello, dear ladies! For certain you at least once in life became the witness of a similar situation: two girls, having almost identical external data, cause absolutely different reaction of the stronger sex. Around one always вьютс¤…

If someone estimates you on firms of belongings, you should not spend the time for these people.

Girls pay attention to behavior and acts. The sure guy attracts much more timid which costs in a corner and nobody notices its presence at all. It is possible to become sure both in 11 and in 16 years. Do not think that if now you slightly do not believe in yourself, then you forever it also will remain. For a start read article "How to Feel Confident in Any Situation".

Understand than you will be able to entertain the girl that you will be able to tell her what you will teach her to. To you article "That Interesting to Tell the Girl" will be very useful.

Good afternoon, readers and readers of my blog! Today I want to talk about myths. No, not Ancient Greece, but about the medical and psychological phenomena. Phantom pain - one of the most known examples, but далеко…

Believe in yourself!

I welcome you, my dear reader! How to calculate criteria by which little girls estimate guys? Sometimes happens very hard to understand why the girl gives preference to this guy, but not that. Today I want to share with you a secret how to be an attractive guy in any situation. Conforming to the simple rules, you will be able to make an impression on girls and will never be left without female attention.

I will not argue, long time there was a stereotype: the cool guy on the motorcycle in a leather jacket and ripped jeans. But how long you will be able to keep attention of the girl these things? Once to her will bother to listen to uncountable stories about motorcycles.

It in roots an incorrect statement. Girls choose self-assured guys. Just most often leaves so that the resolute guy makes such acts which other boy will not venture. He is more impudent, does not hesitate to speak, does not falter at a meeting with the girl, does not redden and does not turn pale. He safely goes on adventures, is not afraid of active sports.

Remember, you such one, at you are the specific features. Do not try to resemble someone. Trust yourself. Be responsible, treat girls with respect, show to them genuine interest and then they to you will stretch.

I welcome you, dear ladies! On a national belief the girl cannot show an initiative in the relations and invite the guy to an appointment. Fear to seem available, thoughtless. But what to do when the young man жутко…

What are you doing to be pleasant to the girl? Why you have difficulties in communication with girls?

It is possible just to look the cool and bad guy, and it is possible to be sure really and resolute. Sometimes serious internal problems are behind similar bravado. Do not think that the most cool guy at school leads simple and carefree life and everything at him is so healthy.

Believe, to the real person to spit how much are your jeans. To him it is important that new and interesting you can tell.

Remember, it will be pleasant to girl to be near the tidy and accurate guy. Any dirty hair or nails, do not bite nails or skin around a nail, watch purity of clothes and footwear. All. You should not go too far and put on in this question for two hours before an exit from the house.

Sometimes most to overcome shyness extremely hard. If you had serious problems and you do not know whom to address, write to me. I will in detail consider your history and I will help to cope with problems which prevent you to enjoy life.

It is possible to develop determination. If you want it, then at you surely it will turn out. Be not afraid to show an initiative. Do not perceive each refusal into the account. If you invited the girl to take a walk, and she refused, do not consider it accident. Do not think that you are guilty of something. Perhaps, at it business after school, it has to help mother, it has a friend in hospital or some other circumstances.

It is possible to become abrupt, it is possible to learn to be pleasant to girls. But whether there will be in the new person something from you? You should not change yourself only for girls. If you want to change, then do it first of all for yourself. Believe me, surely there will be a person who will appreciate you.

Today guys spend much more time in front of the mirror, than girls. To give such huge amount of time to the appearance, without caring for the contents at least it is silly. You can look ideally externally, but to be absolutely empty inside. And what then waits for you? Only superficial communication.

Learn to distinguish female sympathy. And that happens so that you are pleasant to the girl, but in an emphasis of it do not notice. And because of your shyness nobody decides to suit the first. You will be helped with it by my article "What Courtesies from the Girl Happen".

It is pleasant to play computer games? As option. I remember how our boys from a class gathered in audience on informatics and played some computer game. But provided that they and to us were in time time to give.

And always remember - you are a man. How many years to you would not be, you always were, is and will be a man. Not the man who inconsiderately touches girls and is rude, and the well-mannered and pleasant man in communication. I recommend to you to read article "What the Real Man Never Has to Do".

If to you 13 or 14 years, then do not miss time, do the favorite things. It is pleasant to skate on roller-skaters, the bicycle, a skateboard - it is healthy! Especially as you can teach it the girl who was pleasant to you.

Learn to be charming, then nobody will pay attention that your clothes not signature, not superexpensive.


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