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Published: 5.6.2017
the visa-free countries for citizens of Azerbaijan in 2019: the list and term of stay in them

People are interested what visa-free countries for citizens of Azerbaijan exist. Abroad citizens of Azerbaijan can go on the simplified visa-free regime if it is provided by special international treaties.

Increase in positions of Azerbaijan means that the number of the countries for visit without visa processing or receiving it on border during an arrival extends.

Completely visa-free regime is set by Azerbaijan with such countries as:

This year new data of "The index of visa restrictions" in which Azerbaijan is in the 74th place were published. In attention of analytics adopt the visa legislation, rules, visa-free opportunities for citizens of this or that country.

To whom the visa-free regime extends? Have the right to use features of the simplified entrance abroad the following categories of the population of Azerbaijan:

The countries with the simplified visa regime are divided into several groups:

Thus, the list of the countries which citizens of Azerbaijan can visit is very extensive and covers practically all regions of the world. More opportunities exist for owners of diplomatic and service passports who can visit the majority of the countries of Asia and Europe without obstacles.

Also trip abroad of the person whose passport is invalid because of the termination of validity period is allowed. In such cases departure is allowed that people returned to the country of the permanent residence or the state where the person is a full citizen.

In 2019 the list of the countries with which the government of Azerbaijan signed the agreement on the simplified visa-free regime remains to the same, as before. The list includes 34 states, the governments of some of them cancel visas for a tourist season. It becomes to attract tourists.

It is possible to refer to results of the signed contracts:

The law of Azerbaijan "About Departure from the Country, Entry into the Country and Passports" promoted that the government initiated signing of bilateral interstate agreements.

But stay is allowed only in the working or diplomatic purposes. To travel, it is worth paying attention to the CIS countries, Turkey and other states with which Azerbaijan signed contracts on the simplified visa regime.

There are also exceptions which need to be considered.

Pay attention to video: the simplified way of receipt of a visa for citizens of Azerbaijan.

The people owning in-house and diplomatic foreign travel documents can visit 53 countries of the world. Vietnam, Turkey, Syria, Ukraine, South Korea, Portugal, Uruguay, Peru, Qatar, the countries of the former Yugoslavia, the Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, etc. treat them

The visa-free countries for the citizens of Azerbaijan having usual international passports are divided into two groups:


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