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Published: 1.1.2017
impact of hardening on an organism and human health

Accurately observing these principles, you are convinced that it is difficult to overestimate hardening and its influence on human health.

Foot of the person is an acupuncture card of all organism. The reflex points stimulated when walking barefoot transmit signals internal body and keep them in a tone therefore they begin to execute the functions better. And the organism in general gets stronger and grows healthy. Thanks to walking blood circulation in extremities barefoot improves, outflow of blood from a brain is provided, by itself there pass headaches, arterial blood pressure is stabilized. Thermal control of an organism improves and the immunity becomes stronger. Such result will convince anyone of advantage of walking barefoot.

Hardening of an organism is not the medical procedure, but preventive. To be engaged in hardening and to do it conscious, it is necessary to know the mechanism of impact of these or those procedures on bodies and the systems of our body. Knowing "weak points" and selecting with skill the system of hardening, it is possible to achieve very serious results in improvement of an organism.

Basic principles of hardening:

Water is the most powerful tempering tool having huge improving effect. Thanking even to hygienic water procedures, habitual for us, our body receives an energy charge from water, is cleaned, saturated with moisture. Fall of temperature of water is lower than habitual level - it is the first step in the program of hardening of an organism. Douche by cold water stimulates a warm system and strengthens vessels.

Here we also considered highlights of influence of the tempering procedures on human health. But the theory without affairs is dead. Using the councils given above, take steps towards to the health and longevity. The result will please you!

But in our century of an urbanization and comfort at many people the organism is coddled by the civilization benefits (sedentary work, passive rest on a sofa or in front of the computer, movement on a car, etc.) therefore often he does not manage to mobilize all protective forces, and a favorable environment for reproduction of pathogenic microbes and viruses is created. Here also it turns out that did not manage to overcool, and ORZ here.

The tempering procedures train also our sense organs, forcing them to react quicker to external irritants, and our brain trains quicker too to mobilize the immune system designed to protect a body from invasion of pathogenic microbes. The conditioned reflex of instant reaction to adverse factors is developed. And the most important, thanks to the tempering procedures thermal control of our organism begins to work as the Swiss watch, without allowing failures. And now we will in more detail talk about advantage of each type of hardening.

Trained by low temperatures, vessels react to change of the environment quicker and protect an organism from overcooling by powerful rush of blood to the parts of the body subject to cold. People who temper the organism by means of water procedures have seasonal catarrhal diseases much less. Their immune system perfectly copes with any infection. The result of the tempering water procedures is a good health and good mood.

What impact of hardening on a body? At the expense of what does hardening strengthen health? These questions demand detailed consideration, it is difficult to carry out regularly tempering procedures, without understanding as they act. That is, having just taken on trust that it is useful. And when you know what occurs in your organism when holding these or those procedures, this knowledge allows to approach this process creatively. Conscious action is many times more effective than mechanical.

Our skin breathes - it is the known fact. And now present where it is easier breathed: in the close room with a dead air or outdoors, far from a smog and exhaust gases? The question is rhetorical, but with a dirty trick. When we in clothes moreover and synthetic, it for skin is worse, than the stuffy room. Be bared and give it to flush the lungs with air.

We will try to understand as the tempering procedures and also why they promote improvement of an organism work.

Under the influence of sunshine the metabolism in an organism improves, there are photochemical reactions which are positively changing proteinaceous, mineral and gas exchange in a human body. Reception of solar bathtubs positively affects also a psychoemotional condition of the person.

In the air environment there are positively also negatively charged ions which do air molecules loaded. Air molecules with a negative charge are called aerona. They represent peculiar air vitamins. Indoors they are not enough since charged particles accumulate on things. Here also it turns out that air in the room is, and oxygen starvation is available. It causes slackness, drowsiness. But only you go outside as at once you feel inflow of cheerfulness. Aerona act. Getting to blood of the person, they load it, thereby increasing immunity of an organism. Baring skin, you give it the chance to be loaded, inhale and by that you promote improvement of an organism in general.

Hardening is intended to teach to adapt a body of the person to new conditions, the environment. The impact of hardening on thermal control of an organism is big. There are groups of people at whom the body is not capable to thermal control yet as it happens at small children, or is not capable any more, as at people of old age. Also there is still a category of people at whom thermal control is broken because of the health weakened by a disease. In all three cases these violations not a sentence, they quite are subject to correction by means of the system of the tempering procedures.

The result of these changes is expressed in strengthening of a system of breath, saturation by minerals of bones of a skeleton, strengthening of muscular tissue due to the best digestion of proteins. Skin becomes healthier and stronger thanks to development under melanin hormone sunshine.

So what promotes improvement of a body when holding the tempering procedures? Our body steadily reacts to changes of the environment thanks to our sense organs giving signals in a brain. The brain will mobilize these or those systems of an organism, forcing them to react and protect a body from cold, overheating, dampness, etc. All this occurs reflex.


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